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The Lonely People

Updated on October 24, 2016
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I like to share information that makes life more joyful and meaningful. My main interests are health and general wellness in body and mind.

Are You Lonely?

The lonely people are everywhere, but they remain silent in the eyes (or ears?) of the world. Lonely people are a myriad lot. Some are lonely because they choose to be so. Many are lonely because of external factors beyond their control. The most common form of loneliness is associated with old age. And if one is weak and incapacitated, the probability of being left behind is very great indeed. In a normal daily life, there isn’t much for lonely people to look forward to. The sun still rises from the east, and sets in the west.

Oh! Lonely people!

Dedication To The Lonely People.

Today February 14, 2010 celebrates two very important and popular events. Valentine’s Day, and if you are Chinese or associated with Chinese culture, then today is Chinese Lunar New Year. Just like Christmas, this calls for celebration. We are so used to see people celebrate during festivals, that we forget those who are deprived of this opportunity.

Today, I dedicate this piece of thought to those people out there yearning for care and love from their loved ones. One may be very rich with money and possession, but life will still be empty and meaningless if one has to sit and stare at the stars without any loved one to share a thought or two. This is the time when stray thoughts of remorse and self-pity are the only constant companions. What have gone wrong? “Why am I in such a state of limbo?” One may beg for answers.

This Article Is Not For You

There are thousands of reasons for one to feel lonely and unwanted. Especially during times of festivities. One can see and “feel” the joys and togetherness of one’s neighbors. The carefree grandchildren running around with happy laughter; the children and their spouses hugging their parents with love and affection. Scenes like these are happy sights come festive season when children and grand children come visiting. This is specially so for the Chinese during Chinese Lunar New Year.

Lonely are those without loving children when they are old. Friends may come and go. But nothing can replace the love of parents and their children. When this love is lost, part of the happiness is also gone. There is no more “spirit and energy” left in this “family”.

What about those orphans in social welfare homes? What about those old folks left in “retirement villages”?

As I said, this “passing thought” is dedicated to the “lonely” people. This article is not for you.

So, you have a happy day!

Lonely People, Don't Despair

Lonely people, don't despair. Become lively and you will not feel lonely. Remember, you have a choice.

Pain and suffering are inevitable in life. But being miserable is optional, so is feeling lonely. You can choose to be cheerful or depressed. The choice is yours. Go out to meet people, or simply sit in the park or shopping complexes, watch people go around. Who knows, you may meet people who are like you, lonely. When two lonely people meet, there will be life again. And when many lonely people meet, life is lively again!

With the internet nowadays, it is easy to busy oneself, connecting and communicating with the world. Just like me. I don't have time to feel lonely with so many things to do, surfing the net, writing articles, answering questions, and simply communicating with the rest of the world. Then there is qigong exercise, healthy juices to prepare, gardening to attend to, and so many other things. No time to feel lonely!

All The Lonely People? Or Is It Eleanor Rigby?

Optimism On Purpose

How To Be Alone

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      Justin Choo 

      7 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi AMAAN,

      When I clicked on your name, it led to my facebook news feed! Are you GC.

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      7 years ago



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