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Human Relationships In A Nutshell.

Updated on October 26, 2014

The Journey Begins As Our Subject Recovers From Hurt.

Time, the great healer, had worked a mysterious magic and eventually I felt confident enough to move on. It was wintertime now, dark and cold, with the path ahead of me unclear. Alone with the icy wind attacking my resolve, I pressed on, unsure of both route and obstacles seeking to bar the way forward.

An eternity seemed to pass, and I turned yet another corner on my convoluted progress to find my war barred by two huge and solidly cast gates spread completely across my pathway. Progress was denied in any manner. Too tall to climb, too wide to go round and set in land so frozen to attempt to dig down to pass under.

The gates had two large handles set to right and left of the divide but were placed too wide to enable any sinle person to turn thrm both at the sametime.

Faced with the problem I reacted predictably, grasping the right handle anfd turning it to seek to open the lock without success. I tried again, but this time crossed swiftly to the left to do likewise on the handle there but before I reached it I heard the sound of the right hanle re locking itself. My way forward was indeed, truly denied.

Chilled, frustrated and full of despair, I sank to the ground seeking what little shelter I could obtain from the biting cold wind by the desolate rocks around me. How long I lay there I could not say, but later, much later, I peered into the gloom and made out a shape advancing towards me and the gates behind me.


The Equation Reveals That 2 Is Greater Than 1+1.

The female passed by me silently, her eyes fixed firmly on the gates beyond. Reaching them, as I had done before, she tried without success to open them. Realising she was not to pass through , also like me, she threw herself to the floor just as I had done, in the midst of both despair and exhaustion.

Noting her distress I struggled to my feet and approached her but as I approached she seemed to withdraw even further into herself. I stopped advancing unsure of what to do to help her. Some time passed like this until at last she seemed to sense that I posed her no harm and eventually she spoke softly to me. Her words triggered a beacon of hope in me. "Perhaps, she said, we could try to open the gates together" I reached out my hand and she took it and allowed me to help her to her feet. Together we approached the massive gates once more.

At the gates, I took the right handle and she the left, both of us pressing down at the same time.What sounded like a long sigh came to our ears and then the doors eased open slowly but eventually to their fullest width allowing us to pass through swiftly and silently. No sooner had we so done but the great gates closed behind us and held off the cold.

A Different Journey Experience Now.

Ahead of us the path was easier. Sones and rocks gave way to grass and the vegetation bloomed with vibrant colours. We travelled happily along, laughing, talking,each helping the other when help was required. The time passed quickly and enloyably until we reached yet another corner on the way. Rounding the corner we gasped at the sight of two further huge gates, identical in everyway to those we had passed through when we had just met.

This time however, they presented no barrier to us as I grasped the right handle, she the left and saw the gates spring wide open as before.

We passed through but this time the doors remained open and we progressed further along a gently meandering path with a hospitable climate continuing to aid us. A little further on we came across a wayside cabinet which we keenly explored after finding it unlocked. Inside was a roll of parchment containing these words " WELCOME TRAVELLERS ! You have reached this point because you both have come to understand an important principle of life, which if maintained, will assist you and make all your journeys through life more enjoyable and fullfilling. You have learned that "I" and "Me" cannot achieve all the things that "We" and "Us" can do. Go forward from this point with confidence but keep this lesson of the doors with you at all times ".

Togrther we rolled up the parchment and replaced it in the cabinet for the next travellers to discover. That done we picked up our belongings, smiling at each other as we did so. We joined hands and set forth contentedly along the pathway in front of us. No words were soken for none were necessary. Our journey spread out before us and we strode purposely along it with affection, caring and consideration each to the other. The future beckoned. Our future.


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