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The Longhorn @ Baylor

Updated on August 4, 2012

Reflections for Kristen's Birthday August 2012

© By Drew A. Blanc - JKP

At one of the many institutions of higher learning in Texas, a single lone, “Lady MSW Longhorn,” from the Southern neighboring Austin (who originally was from Houston) infiltrated the Waco Baylor Bears coveted domain. For decades, the upper echelon of this governing body has been predominately sheathed in the male species of human kind.

As we've clearly entered into the twenty-first century, all that was the said criterion for female characterizations in society has been amended from the once unacceptable to the now acknowledged, “new” standard. As with the suffragists reminiscent of times past, our universal rising awareness was challenged. Hence, the nineteenth amendment was born.

These post modern ideologies have now been subjugated and dispersed globally outside of the just, “voting arena.” What was once known as a, “fresh attitude” has now become the definitive norm in Americana society. Unleashing opportunities for the so called, “frailer sex” and triggering newer ways of thinking. Those draconian policies of yester year have presently become obsolete.

Back to our Lady Longhorn - who is a quick, intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, responsible, warmhearted and a charming women. She readily agreed to a daunting task assigned to her by the aforementioned group of magisterial administrators. Her new deployment: to gather donations from unsuspecting (sometimes suspecting) alumni both intrastate and interstate. Thus, moving her in a perpetual weekly commute of unrelenting travel. She scourers the Northern American map in a noble quest for monetary endowments for furthering the educational endeavors (or otherwise known as the new sports arena) of the Baylor Bear attendee.

With forthright sheer determination to proceed with said chore, her entertaining joie de vivre spirit has subsequently brought her acclaim from the higher up top dogs and fiduciaries. Not to mention, putting her into the paths and lives of multiple cultural personalities.

Additionally, this Lady Longhorn is also married to an Aggie, but that is another story altogether.

Even though she is continuously on the move, there is always time for correspondence and generous acquaintance.

May blessings abound for her!

Stay tuned for a glimpse into that rarest of rare, "The Aggie/Longhorn" combination enterprise -


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