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The Weird Love Equation

Updated on December 29, 2011

The fact is that people would have different definitions of love. So why don't we just present love from a mathematical view? I mean serious people would soon come up with proofs of the forces of nature governing the outcome of dating, marriage and other love related terminologies. Ok yeah i am way over my head and nope love is a feeling not sum flimsy calculation but seeing as you have read this far, it would be ridiculous not to continue( or maybe it is even ridiculous to continue).

Firstly lets see do people truly understand love? I mean i is really a factor gotten repeated admiration of various qualities you admire in someone. Ok lets also put this way: you get to meet someone( probably through a friend of ours) and various qualities this someone possesses turn you on .So it is off to dinner and basically having a good time, but as time goes on this someone really gets more interesting and the desire to spend the rest of your life with he/she really begins to formulate in your head.Too frequent visits and spending way too much time together really tells that this desire is growing stronger.Eventually, serious talks of marriage come into the picture. There are also talks about the challengers that might come with the marriage, but love conquers all doesn't it? So you go ahead with t5he plan and you are really happy with how things are progressing. Ok i get to stop here seeing as the outcomes of marriages vary with the kind people that people that go into it


Ok now lets makes various assumptions. First of all all things being equal, everyone falls in love their partners for the same reason( what ever the reason is). Secondly, the factor of early death is eliminated so people get to experience love till they grow old. Finally, the fact this whole idea is so crazy, but is really a bit of truth to the calculation

Hmm ok well lets begin by saying that love is a factor of change in admiration over time :

Love= (Δ level of admiration / Δ time)

As change in time tends to infinity.

Basically this is just saying that as time continues to increase and the level of admiration you have for someone tends to also increase, love would eventually be generated.

Marriage = (Δ love/Δ time)

as change in time tends to infinity

Basically this is just saying that with time increasing and the love you have for the someone also increasing , marriage would eventually come into play.

Infidelity= (Δ marriage/ Δ time)

as time tends to infinitety

Ok at this point it really get a bit tricky. This is interpreted to mean that as the marriage goes on, there is a great deal of 'boredom' and 'conflict' that would be generated and this usually leads to the generation of infidelity. This is tricky because this doesn't apply to some marriages.

The Sacred flowchat

A flowchart is basically a set of instructions you follow in order till you get your end result. Well this chat does not really look all that clear though due to some bad programming but here we are basically looking at steps to approach a stranger and have a chat with hope of getting something out of it.

The steps here ,as you go ahead, give you chance to begin all over again with someone new if there are signs that things are not really working out as you planned. It is a free world after so why try out with different people, and who knows you might just get lucky with the next person


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    • profile image

      Derek Abel 6 years ago

      very interesting. Great post. thumbs up. :)

    • Cloverleaf profile image

      Cloverleaf 6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      An interesting approach to evaluating love. It is my experience that love is not as simple as applying a formula, but I appreciate your perspective, an intruiging idea!