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Define A Real Man?

Updated on June 9, 2022
Jerry Hulse profile image

"Retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach / 3rd semester Mental Health Coach Life University/ International Evangelist MLCI

Where Are the Real Men

Dear reader, you may have been born a male but it takes a lot of work and courage to be a real man and in order to find out what a real man is, we need to find out what one is not! Beloved, we cannot look at the evening news or read a daily newspaper and discover what a real man is.

Beloved, it is no secret that we live in a male dominant society with males playing major rolls in the film industry such as James Bond, Rocky, Clint Eastwood, Bronson, Chuck Norris and others who seem to be the ones defeating the bad guys and saving the day.

Dear ones, let’s get real, we live in a world that is self centered and self motivated whose main goal is to be one step ahead of someone else. Beloved, with that in mind and living in a world that is confused, mixed up and do not know what or who they are my question would be, where do we look to find what we are looking for in our search for a real man?

Will the Real Man Please Stand Up

Dear reader, we must go further than today’s society in our search for a real man because most of the Crimes, Rapes and DUI’s are committed by males.

Beloved, I am here to ease your minds and make a bold statement,” We will never find a man worthy of measuring up to what our society today would call a real man especially with the increased pressures of life that we face everyday.”

Beloved, a real man is not one who tends to loose his temper and place selfish demands on others forcing them to adjust to his way or no way at all which would tend to drive people away instead of bringing them in.

Beloved, our character and courage can not be found in our temper tantrums or heard in the volume of our voice but is revealed in the way we handle adversity and change.

Beloved, a real man is not one who refuses to do what he thinks is sissy stuff by helping his wife out in the kitchen and home and God help him not be seen opening the car door for her which in his mind would be a sign of weakness and a real man is not one who must be in complete control of everything around him and refuses to accept help of any kind that is offered.

Beloved, a real man is not one who must stand tall and aggressive at times to make things happen or one that would raise his voice to be heard to make a point or must get even if he feels he has been wronged.

Beloved, a real man is not one who would spew out hurtful words and stomp out of a discussion to a secluded place to whimper like a little child. This shows nothing but a weak immature male who has never grown up and accepted the responsibilities in being a man.

Dear reader, a real man is found in the words of Jesus when he pointed to John and said "there has never been one greater that is born of a woman than John the Baptist."

The Character That Stands Out

Beloved, what did John have that we do not have that made the Lord speak to us from the volume of his book that if you are looking for a real man, then look at John?

Dear reader, John was a man of understanding and was known to be a sincere man that caused people to want to hear what he had to say while living a disciplined lifestyle that was not concerned about the dress code of the day and was given to a life of prayer and fasting.

Beloved, he was a man of conviction who believed in keeping his heart pure. and a man of courage who confronted the Pharisees calling them vipers and warning them of the coming judgment.

Beloved, John was a man of integrity who was not swayed by the popular vote.

John was a man of great courage who allowed his convictions to govern his actions and was not afraid to point out evil doers ruling in high places in government even to the expense of his own life.

Beloved, now that we have examined the characteristics of a real man, my question would be how does this relate to us?

Dear reader, I will make an attempt to answer this question by asking some questions.

1. How do we as men relate and respond to life’s challenges?

2. Are we willing to sacrifice for those we love?

3. Are we willing to change by adjusting and giving a little to keep the peace and maybe even go an extra mile to save a relationship?

4. Are we willing to admit when we are wrong and admit when we need help?

5. Are we willing to admit that we cannot solve everything and that we are human?

6. Are we willing to admit to our spouse that we need help and face up to the fact that we are human and sometimes we are fearful of a given situation?

Beloved in closing, John greatest strength was his faithful commitment to the call of God on his life. John took his oath serious which meant to be set apart for God and his life was one of abstinence and self control. Beloved, John was predestined by the Lord and he was born with and for a specific purpose and set time in history after all, did the scriptures not say that he received the Spirit of God while he was yet in his mothers womb.

Street people being asked to describe the characteristics of a real man

My Conclusion

Dear reader, the first thing a real man will do is develop a fear for sin and what it can do to his life and marriage for he will never place himself in a situation where he might be tempted because he knows there are women in the world with seducing spirits that are selfish and love to destroy a happy marriage.

Beloved, a real man will resist temptation and make it a point to always do the right thing before God and man.

Beloved, a real man will live according to his God given convictions in an unstable world and be determined to live a life characterized by integrity as he strives with all his heart to be connected with God’s purposes for his life and set goals to transfer what he has learned to others around him.

Beloved, I do not know about you but I am striving everyday to be a real man being totally committed to my God and my beautiful anointed wife as I live to appreciate the life that God has blessed me with and live that life with integrity, honesty and balance.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Jerry W Hulse


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