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The Many Benefits of Marriage

Updated on April 19, 2018

The Facts About Marriage

Marriage is a special union between two people that is legally binding. The parties within the marriage are referred to as spouses. Each spouse is granted certain rights and is required by law to fulfill certain obligations contained in the contract. Marriage has also been defined as an institution of an interpersonal relationship and is commonly known as wedlock or matrimony. Marriage contains many more serious facets than any other relationship, pertaining to legality as well as the emotional and physical needs of the spouses. Marriage is a much more permanent relationship, other than blood-related family, and only legal marriage is lawfully recognized.

A legally binding marriage begins with a formalized wedding ceremony that is performed by a judge, a clergyman, or other validated official at the location of the couple's choosing. During the wedding ceremony, rings are generally exchanged as a symbol and a reminder of the commitments and promises they have made to one another that are legally binding. The commitments and promises that are made are called vows. These commitments and promises are also an expression of one spouse's love for the other spouse. There are traditional vows that may be said during the wedding ceremony or creative and unique ones may be written instead. The type and size of the wedding ceremony can vary, depending upon the couple's preferences. The wedding ceremony for a marriage always requires witnesses and a marriage license for signing, which is the contract. The marriage license must be filed with the local court system for legal documentation and certain requirements after the ceremony.


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The Importance of Marriage

No matter what people may say, it is not right for men and women to be alone. Companionship is what everyone yearns for, whether they admit it or not. Everyone needs someone to spend time with, to laugh with, and to be intimate with. Marriage allows people to have a permanent form of companionship. Marriage can be reassuring for people who are often insecure about being alone. Marriage is often looked down upon, as something that can hold people back and keep them down, but the exact opposite is true. Marriage can provide a person with many different benefits. The benefits of marriage are listed below.

The Many Benefits of Marriage

Marriage has many benefits because being married is very different than dating a person or being in a serious relationship. Marriage is permanent, meaning the creation of roots and a future with another person. This hub is about the many benefits of being married, because there are many, for men and women to enjoy. The benefits can range from health to financially, but marriage is a good thing.

1. Marriage is Healthy.

New and recent studies have shown that a person who is married tends to be in better health than a person who is single. Married people have a decreased percentage of getting cancer, heart disease, and heart attacks. Marriage also aids in the protection from minor ailments such as a cold and the flu. Married men and married women have a lower depression rate and a lower psychiatric disorder rate. Single people become more depressed and are unhappy most of the time.

2. Married People Live Longer.

It is a proven fact that married men and married women live longer than single people do. Marriage changes people, and their lifestyles, in a positive way to include healthier and more active choices. Since married people are healthier in general, they will live longer.

3. Marriage is a Permanent Form of Companionship.

When the vows are said to one another during the wedding ceremony, the end is usually and sometimes concluded with 'til death do you part' which means forever until death. This means always having your spouse there for all of your needs, until death. This commitment scares many people away from marriage. Companionship in a marriage is different and way more intimate than other phases of a relationship because marriage is letting your guard down and becoming vulnerable, which is not taken advantage of. Being single can be very lonely at times, with no intimate interaction or affection for long periods of time. Well, when a person is married they are never lonely and always have someone there.

4. Being Married to Your Best Friend!

Being married means always having your spouse there to talk to, to laugh with, and even just to spend time with. No more lonely nights here! This is another great benefit of a permanent form of companionship. A spouse is also a best friend that can be trusted and who will always stick up for the other spouse. Marriage is a form of telling the other spouse every day that you love only them and will be there for only them, and for all of their needs. The details of this benefit are usually mentioned within the vows made during the wedding ceremony, including being there in sickness and in health.

5. Marriage is True Happiness.

Being married is true happiness for the spouses in the marriage and this is shown during recent studies. Married people were happier with less stress and anxiety than people who were single. Married people experience true happiness that is totally different than happiness from other things. This happiness is genuine and comes from something on the inside that can not be bought or paid for. Happiness and marriage go hand in hand!

6. Marriage Contains Unconditional Love.

Marriage means that there is a great amount of unconditional love that is different than other types of love. Because of the permanency of marriage, this type of love is unconditional as in no matter what may happen. Through the good times and the bad times, this unconditional love can only grow and become stronger.

7. Marriage Teaches Virtues.

Marriage teaches specific virtues to spouses, which is another benefit of marriage. Kindness, patience, and temperance are all parts of a marriage and virtues that are taught. These virtues should not be taken advantage of, but instead given and received to and from the other spouse.

8. Being Married Encourages Spouses to Smile More.

This benefit is a fact! Married people tend to smile more because of the good times and happy memories they can create and have created with their spouse. Smiling is good for the soul and sometimes can help to relieve depression and sadness. It takes more muscles to frown...

9. Marriage Has Inside Jokes Between Spouses.

During a marriage, the two spouses will begin to create inside jokes that are funny to only them. These types of jokes are special because they are only understood by certain people. For example, a married couple saw a movie together one day. On the way into the theater, the husband slips on a banana peel and they both laugh. Later on during the month, something is said or done to remind them of that banana peel. Only husband and wife will laugh at this joke because it is inside, between them. Other people on the outside will not understand why they are laughing and think that a banana peel is not funny.

10. Being Married Can Keep People Out of Trouble.

Being married always seems to keep people more grounded and away from getting into trouble. This is because married people become more responsible and mature which means different priorities, better decision making, and planning for the future.

11. Marriage Increases Household Income.

Married people tend to have a higher salary because of dependents and can also benefit from shared living expenses. Spouses have a double income and partial responsibility for expenses, instead of just one income and all the responsibility of expenses. This makes accomplishing goals for the future much more attainable because now there are two people working towards the same goal, like purchasing a home.

12. Married Men Get Faster Promotions Than Single Men.

An older study demonstrated that married men do get promotions faster than single men. This could be because the man has always been known as the head of the household for income. That fact is taken into consideration when regarding employment and careers. Married men tend to work harder due to the increased responsibilities and expenses.

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    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale Adams 3 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you so much.

    • profile image

      Jose 3 years ago

      - Hey there Andria!My buddy Carl sent me this to see. His co-worker was the guy in this wedding who got marired I think. Just wanted to say I loved this set, great job! What a gorgeous girl, dress, and good looking couple. =)

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale Adams 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you so much. A marital institution makes me think of a mental institution, and that is scary, so I like to refer to it as happier things. That is a great benefit of marriage! Thank you for reading.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This is really a beautiful hub, about the benefits of marriage. Marriage is an institution I firmly believe in. The best part is you get a trustworthy friend for your whole life.

      Very interesting and a must read for everyone. Thanks for sharing.