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The Marriage Masterpiece

Updated on December 3, 2016

Anything beautiful and meaningful takes a mixture of effort and creativity. In hoping to produce a really great marriage it seems like most people think it just needs to happen by accident. If things go wrong and hope is turned to confusion and even despair most people don't really seem to be capable of seeing what the problem is. Because of this inability so many marriages that begin with great potential end up on the rubbish heap of broken promises.

Marriage as a garden.

As any marriage counselor learns over the years is that marriage as a relationship needs input and effort to make it what it can be. Several metaphors are helpful in illustrating this point. Many want a beautiful garden and if the necessary effort and hard work is put in then it can become what is hoped for. But neglect the garden and it becomes overgrown and simply a mess.

Marriage as a beautiful creation. One of my favorite illustrations of what a marriage can be is that of a beautiful painting.

Marriage is like standing in front of the easel of life, with a brand new canvas on it, with each partner having a paint brush in their hand ready to produce their masterpiece. The opportunity to do something really special lies ahead. As they begin with somewhat careful brush strokes to outline their painting, the glow of early love brings its particular color to the canvas. Now the picture begins to take form; sometimes bright colors of ecstasy and excitement, sometimes the duller hues of patient endurance and even disappointment. As the partners paint together, their unique painting begins to take shape.

The color of laughter is mixed with the color of tears. In fact the storm clouds of life’s many challenges give the masterpiece character, but in the background the light keeps shining through. Over the years the masterpiece continues to develop as they paint together, sometimes standing back and taking a good look before they once again lean closer to add another segment.Sometimes they may even feel as if they are painting alone, but at other times holding the brush together The beauty of the masterpiece lies in the memories that are captured, in the painting that is no longer delicate and rather empty, but now is filled to the edges and complex. What we paint is up to us, it is totally unique and the opportunities are endless. At the end the result belongs to us, as does the responsibility.So paint the masterpiece!


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Nice imagery. My wife and I are currenlty painting our own for the last 5 years. Just like what you have described, it's a concoction of happy, sad and everything in between. But we are both looking forward to the rest of our lives together.

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Thanks, marriage is great but also a challenge, soething like painting a masterpiece!

    • Gill Harris profile image

      Gill Harris 5 years ago from South Africa

      Marriage is good especially if you have a loving and creative artist to paint with.

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Keep painting, it is great!

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