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Popular Ways to Meet a Spouse

Updated on January 15, 2015

I do

Growing up, I always believed that I would be one of the growing number of women who would wait to get married. However life had other plans and by the tender age of 20 I was married. A month before my 21st birthday, the most important partnership in my lifetime began and it still continues to this day - almost 16 years later.

How do people meet?

That's an extremely important question. In days of yonder well before the age of the automobile you were more likely to have an arranged marriage between a local boy or girl who your family had been keeping tabs on or possibly even a distant relative that you used to bump into during large family gatherings. Perhaps even a local social event would help you meet that person with a twinkle in their eye. These were simply the most practical ways to enter into matrimony. Yet as travel became easier over time, the world managed to become a little smaller. People began to travel by car,boat, plane and beings from opposite ends of the earth were now suddenly able to meet - therefore the dating pool finally became a little larger. Also with technology advancing as rapidly as it has recently done, your dating options have now increased significantly.

With a simple click of a button

So then let's begin with technology. Online dating has become amazingly popular over the past few years, and recent statistics show such a significant increase in participation that it will undoubtedly continue. An astounding 40 million people are now signed up to various online sites. Just further proof that technology can make our lives easier even when it comes to romance. So with 40 million people now engaging with each other, that's a lot of new dates!

Now you see me....

...and now you don't. That's probably the sentiment of a large percentage of people who capitulate to friendly requests to be set up on a blind date. It''s usually family or friends who have good intentions but very weird ideas when it comes to setting you up with who they believe could be your future spouse. However sometimes it does actually work, and a small percentage of people still meet their spouses this way when they actually do decide to take the plunge and turn up at a restaurant curious to see who their 'match made in heaven' is. Yet only 2.5% have a happy ending with this technique.That statistic hasn't dissuaded our enthusiasm for trying though, and it's still a popular dating tool with between 30% - 40% of people having experienced a blind date.

Working 9 to 5

Cringe every time the alarm clock trills and it's time to make your way back into the office on Monday morning? Maybe you're looking at work with the wrong perspective and haven't navigated your office well enough in search of 'the one'. Apparently work is still the best way to meet your spouse with 21% finding love amongst all that paperwork. As a precursor to that all important job, statistics also show that 10% of people meet their future life partners at school.

Let's be Friends?

It's not surprising that 19% of people still meet their match through friends. In a group setting with companions that you're already familiar with, you are more likely to be relaxed and open to experiencing new people - especially with a friendly buffer protecting you just in case none of those newbies catch your interest.

There are still other ways

The list of meeting places seems endless and some of the less likely meetings included:

  • a bar - 9%
  • a place of worship - 4%
  • multiplayer game sites - 3.5%
  • "virtual worlds" 2%

So next time you accuse of your more 'nerdy' friends of spending too much time in front of that computer screen, remember that they may be increasing their own chances at finding love.

Dating Statistics

  • 44 percent of adult Americans are single, according to U.S. Census figures. This means there are over 100 million unattached folks out there. So, if you've ever worried, "There's nobody out there for me," know that there's hope!
  • Statistically, the find-someone odds favor guys: There are 86 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women, although in some regions the gender ratio favors women, especially out west. Paradise, Nevada, a suburb 10 miles from Las Vegas, has 118 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women. Other cities where gals got it good include Austin, Texas; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Tempe, Arizona; and Sunnyvale and Santa Ana, California. A coincidental bonus for women thinking of relocating: All of these cities are sunny and warm.
  • The best place for single people on the prowl is New York, where 50 percent of state residents are unmarried, and Washington, D.C., where a whopping 70 percent of the population is single. The worst places are Idaho, where 60 percent of people are married; and Utah, where 59 percent of people are married.
  • Got someone hot in your sights and want to reveal your interest? Fifty-one percent of people use flattery, according to the book Are You Normal About Sex, Love, and Relationships? Or, try touching them, a tactic used by 25 percent of single folk. Still another 23 percent utilize the schoolyard approach and send the word out through a friend.
  • On a date, first impressions do count: Men take only 15 minutes to decide if a woman is worth a second date. For women, the clock isn't ticking quite so fast—they ponder whether to get together again for an hour or so.
  • The number one problem for couples in America? Disagreements about money, according to a poll by the University of Denver. So, don't write off a date just because you two bickered over the dinner bill; everyone clashes over cash.
  • If you're feeling like your relationship is hitting the skids and want to bail, the painful face-to-face approach might not be necessary: An estimated 48 percent of online daters report that their breakups have happened over e-mail. Call it rude or just plain convenient, but it happens a lot.

courtesy of

Ways to have a happy marriage

Let's assume you've managed to navigate the marriage maze and have finally found 'the one'. You made it to the alter, said your 'I Do's' and enjoyed the most incredibly romantic honeymoon you could ever imagine. What now? Well now the hard work begins. If you thought trying to find the 'perfect' relationship was difficult, maintenance is now a requirement if you want to sustain that happy picture. Don't know how? Well apparently there are 7 scientific secrets that make up the perfect formula.

Marriage - A love story?

Considering how difficult it is to find somebody - and then the amount of hard work it takes to make a marriage work once you've navigated your way towards that happy ending - is a happy marriage simply just a fairy tale? Is there even such a thing as a happy ending? Well according to the census statistics in the U.S, more than half of the nation’s married couples have been together at least 15 years. About a third have marked their 25th anniversaries, and 6 percent have been married more than 50 years.So just in case you were wondering if a long marriage was simply a work of fiction, remember that it really can be a true love story for some.

A numbers game

Were you married by the age of 40?

See results

A Royal Romance

As we end our journey through the marriage maze, let's finish with some of the most famous vows ever spoken in the past century. Kate Middleton and Prince William were married on 29 April, 2011. Their journey to the alter involved a college romance, royal relatives, media madness and even a separation at one point. However love eventually endured and they are now living proof of a royal 'Happily Ever After' as Kate is now expecting the couples second child in April, 2015.

On that note, I wish you luck, love and much happiness as you attempt to find the love of your life. Cheers!

Royal Vows


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