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The Most Frequent Causes for Divorce

Updated on December 31, 2009

Divorce can happen to anyone at anytime.  It is not specific to ages, religions, or cultures.  Some people stay married as long as they can, then call it quits when it's convenient - the kids are grown, you got a new job, there's someone else.  But what's important to realize is that continued strife in a marriage left unrepaired can lead a couple down the road to divorce, regardless of what the initial intentions were.  Most commonly, people are more likely to divorce if they have squabbles over finances, pregnancy/parenthood, and if infidelity is involved. 

In an age where we are all about striking it rich, financial prosperity leads many to work harder, longer hours, and in more stressful situations than they would ordinarily endure.  Such instances take a toll on a marriage if there are no scheduled vacations.  Marriages need just as much work and nourishment as an individual - neglect is one of the fastest ways for a heart to grow cold.  On the other end of the spectrum, pride can be a deterrent; it can be hard to know when to ease up on work, or rely on help from others if you are struggling with a lack of finances.  Many couples who are in debt also tend to divorce, because they just can't work together to make ends meet or are worn out from trying and desperately need a change.  Add to this category diseases, disasters, and anything else that can cause financial ruin, and you will find that people divorce left and right in such situations for similar reasons.

The addition of a family to care for also takes a toll on a marriage.  Time normally spent on doing things together gets pushed aside in order to tend to the children.  Oftentimes, during pregnancy itself many men get scared of seeing their wives' bodies change.  The accompanied moodswings will cause arguments, and only men who are strong enough to work through the transition time will stick around.  Otherwise, many men do leave because they can't handle the pressure and would rather not deal with the responsibility of caring for the unknown.

In many religions, infidelity is the only legal and moral reason why divorce is "ok".  That's not to say that just because it happens you have to divorce, because there are certainly millions of couples out there who work through the hurt of affairs and rebuild their marriage and stay together.  It is actually easy to cheat on your spouse without even intending to - and it is even easier when you are struggling with any of the aforementioned scenarios.  What it all comes down to is change and responsibility can scare a person into doing crazy things, and putting time and effort into a marriage pays off in the long run.  If properly nurtured, a marriage can withstand all the potential pitfalls and still hang on.  No relationship is perfect, however, and arguments are always going to happen.  But how you handle those arguments (or rather, what you're going to do because of those arguments) will determine your ultimate path.  Not every argument is worth fighting, solutions can be made, even if it takes a while. 


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