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Most Romantic City: Texas

Updated on July 24, 2014

Biggest Heart of Texas

Well, it's official. Everything really is bigger in Texas and that goes for the romance too!

What Texas City was named the #1 most romantic city in the state and 11th in the nation?

Welcome to romantic Round Rock, Texas. Yes, that's right, this little city of less than 105,000 people was voted the best place to find (and keep) romance in all the land. (OK, well this land anyway.)

Perhaps it is the smaller size of the town that makes everyone feel closer to one another or maybe it's the postcard scenery around every corner. Whatever it is, the country agrees this is the best place to be; and not just for Valentine's Day either.

Romance Reminders

Romance isn't meant just for Valentine's Day; try to be romantic once a month at least. (Once a week if you're looking for even more brownie points)

If you are worried you don't remember how to be romantic then you might want to check out How to Be Romantic Again because it really isn't always about the money you spend on your loved one. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

Here's a few of the ideas from the list you'll find there:

Make her breakfast in bed.

Take a walk in the park.

Bring her lunch to work for no reason other than you wanted to see her.

Rent a movie and have snuggle time.

Send her a sexy text message.

Have a BBQ on Memorial Day and don’t make her cook anything.

Take her to the place you met and reminisce.

Remember your anniversary.

Open the car door for her.

You'll find many, many more ideas on how to be romantic here.

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Getting to Round Rock, Texas


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