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The Musicians who influenced and contributed changes in my life

Updated on September 25, 2007

Family & Music

Music played a vital role in my life. I was born with a father who is really a music lover and an encouraging mother. With their influence, I was able to first perform, that is sung on-air over a local radio station, at the age of three. This experience taught me how to "entertain" people. Moreover, I have learned to value them at an early age until now.

Dominican Sisters & Music

I was in grade three when I was asked by a Dominican Sister to lead the singing of our choir for the scheduled First Communicants' Mass. That experience led to other experiences of serving my church, like performing as the Lead Angel for the Easter Sunday Celebration, playing the guitar during catechisms and masses, and later on leading the youth choir of my parish.

Dolly & Music

Dolly is a musician by profession. It was through her short sessions with the youth choir that I have learned more of my capacity as a singer for our Lord. It was also through her that I have learned to appreciate the music of Mozart, Beethoven, and the like. I have no formal schooling in music, but through Dolly's unselfishness in sharing her knowledge, skills and most especially her time, I noticed the changes in my life.


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