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NPD- Behind Closed Doors with a Cunning Covert Narcissist

Updated on July 29, 2017
Tamara Moore profile image

Poetry and Stories to help raise awareness, and insight, into intrusive, and dangerous, personality disorders, and to encourage healing.


Abusive Relationships

This dark poem depicts the romantic relationship between a Narcissist and the Codependent. As these types of unions will have it, this poem starts out with a Honeymoon Period, and ends in the Discard.

Broken Wing



Prince Charming

A dream awakened;

a fresh new start!

Blissful joy

to a once barren heart!

A glimpse of Heaven

as lips quiver and meet;

Arms tangled together

glistening with perspiration and heat.

Eyes searching lovingly

into the depths of my soul;

Each prayer now answered, and thus,

the fulfillment of every dreamt goal!


Oh! An element of confusion

suddenly enters each new day!

He fiercely scolds and humiliates me

for keeping his affection at bay!

What have I done to fill him

with such anger and hate?

Am I really so wicked as to beckon

such a hideous fate?

Such names that he calls me!

My maimed heart freely does bleed;

Was I not loving him perfectly,

and caring for his every insatiable need?


Horror and grief arise every morning at dawn,

and worsen until each night’s new moon;

A nightmare out of control;

the death of my heart will surely come soon!

At my final desertion,

he blows me one last violent shove;

From the ground I gaze up at him-

he, and his [secretly long-time], newfound love.

Leaving me alone, he skips away happily,

and ever so painstakingly well;

But for me, it is only the beginning of a long recovery

from this Narcissist’s Shadows of Hell.

Covert Narcissists




Word Salad





Do you know the differences?

Were you aware that there are different types of Narcissists, such as: Somatic, Cerebral, Vulnerable, ETC.,.?

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© 2017 Tamara Yancosky


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    • Tamara Moore profile image

      Tamara Yancosky 2 months ago from No Idea Where

      Thank you very much, Lisa. This is very kind of you :-)

      Hugs from Tamara!

    • Lisawilliamsj profile image

      Lisa Williams 2 months ago

      This poem is very well written, and I can certainly relate. Thank you for the recommendation!