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The Nightlife: My Oh-So Crazy Story of the Guys I Encountered While I Was Going Out in NYC

Updated on June 18, 2013
Have you encountered guys that approach you in a crazy and/or inappropriate manner?
Have you encountered guys that approach you in a crazy and/or inappropriate manner? | Source

The Crazy Encounters With Guys!

So I had to deal with a crazy guy, with a inferiority complex...

Mind you, on my cousin's invite on Facebook, she instructed people to invite more people, and they brought their friends and so on and so forth. I knew he was not part of our regular group so I introduced myself and then we danced for a little bit. And he put his number on my phone. After that, I was in my own little world dancing and going from one section of the club to another. Long story short, at the end of the night, I went to pick up my coat at coat check at the same time as he did. He was I guess, getting into all his feelings and proceeded to say that I got to call him. If I didn't, he said that the next time he sees me in public, he will not acknowledge me. WHAT! Crazy much? I laughed on the inside because this guy has got to be kidding me! I was thinking the whole time: if I already had in my mind that I was not going to call you before (since he was intoxicated), I will definitely not call you now! So I ran (that's right, ran in my 5-inch heels because this guy is crazy) and went to my cousin for safety.

Guy with a sob story to tell...and I do not care.

So the other night, I was dancing with another guy at another club and he asked for my name. I told him my nickname, Shay. I always gave guys that I do not know from a can of paint that name because nowadays people want to find you and stalk you on Facebook. Anyway, he proceeded to say that it was his ex-girlfriend's name that "broke his heart". Huh? He went on and on of how she hurt his heart. And the whole time I was wondering, why is he saying this to me? It is okay to try to start a conversation, but to tell your sob story is another when I have not been knowing you for at least 24 hours. And for all I know, it could just be your way of trying to gain sympathy so you could try to get in my pants. No thank you! I had to run for cover from this cry baby before he devoured me of his pretend sadness!

All I Was Doing Was Waiting for the 3-Train!

To meet my friends at a restaurant! And this guy with a gold tooth, baggy bag clothing and bloodshot eyes approached me. Mind you, I was on my way to the city to hang out with my girls. I was listening to my iPod from the moment I waited for the bus to the subway. I often use my iPod to avoid the constant cat-calling that I have received every time I head out. Anyway, he approached me while I was enjoying one of the dance songs. "Are you one your phone?" he said. "Nope." I responded. "Are you trying to avoid me?" No...I enjoyed being interrupted by your presence while I am enjoying my music. Just so I don't have to deal with someone who could potentially be hostile, I decided to take off my headphones to hear this interrupter out. He asked for my name, and as usual, I used my nickname Shay. He said his name. He asked where I was heading. The whole time I was thinking: why is he, a complete stranger, asking me where I am going? He is not my dad! And it really isn't any of his business!I gave out vague answers by saying I am heading to a Asian restaurant. He asked me who I was going to hang out with. Now this guy is pushing it.I then responded with "My friends". I wanted to roll my eyes so bad, but I had to hold my composure. "Do you have a boyfriend?", he asked. "Yes, I do." I responded. I already planned to say that even though I knew I didn't. He then pulled the ultimate line of "can't we be friends" line. Who does he think I am? Some simple-minded bimbo who is not hip to the game that these guys play? He got the wrong one!It was bad enough he was pressing me like he was my dad with the questions, but to say that "friends" line so loosely, I had enough. I told him "Come on now, you know good and well that it would not be you intent to be 'friends' like that. I know what your deal is." Soon as he realized that his game is blown out the water, he "suddenly" had to take the 4-Train on the opposite track. He shook his hand with me and said, "I will see you another time baby." First of all, I am NOT his baby! And that part about seeing me again sounds creepy.

I Have More Of Those Crazy Stories...

But it would take a day and a half to complete. Now, before anyone said that I never gave these guys a chance, I do not mind being approached by the opposite sex. It is a matter on how I was approached. Those three examples clearly shows that these guys did not know how to properly approach me. Or maybe I have grown enough experience to know about the game of love and attraction. I knew in my head that these guys did not have the characteristics that I would want in a mate because all they see is a warm body or property to attach to. What do you guys think?

Ladies and gents, what are your crazy stories of getting hit on? Tell me in the comments section. Was it just as crazy or worse? Was it at a club, coffee shop, parking lot, or the mall? This should be interesting!


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