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The One You CHoose Not To Love

Updated on March 30, 2010

TO MY GIRLFRIEND.. the Girl i used to talk with

She’s the person that you could be yourself with. She will not judge you or gave you the look of disdain for what you wear or how do you eat your spaghetti. She will ignore your faux pas and casually assist you in knotting your tie. She’s the person who you would never be careful with your words since she accepted you already. She knows all along that being crass and vulgar is your second nature and that is fine with her.

She’s the one you will call when you had no one to talk to. When your friends seems to be so busy dealing with their own lives. She’s the one who will lend you her shoulders as you broke down and cried in her arms, while she tries to sooth your pain with soft words of encouragement.

She’s the one who will never get tired of your stories, your constant litany of woes and your incessant bickering to her. She understands you. And besides, she’s a fighter; she cannot bit her tongue for so long that you occasionally suffers from her witty and sarcastic remarks.

She’s the one whom you could ask for a favor, however humongous and difficult it maybe. Because you know she will do it. She will move a mountain if that’s what you want.

She’s the one who will lose her own sleep worrying about you. She’s the person to whom you will share your secrets since you know that she will remain mum about it.

She’s the one who will encourage you to pursue your dreams instead of holding you back. She’s the one who will the first to say, “Congrats… I’m so happy for you”  since she is also the first person you had seek and tell her the good news because you knew that she would be ecstatic about it.

All in all, she’s the person who makes you feel special.

Then you will wonder how come she is still not the one you had chosen? How come despite the long list of her good traits she will never be the “One”?

Because even if she gathers all the things that you will look for the “ideal woman”; even if she possess all of these good traits and amazing character, she will never be real for you.

The heart will only long and seek for the one you love.

And that is why she will forever be the one you choose not to love.


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