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The Online Guy Who Won't Meet In Person

Updated on October 28, 2013

You went online and started talking to this guy. You have been talking every night for months and feel there is a connection. There is only one problem. You haven't met and he is unsure if he ever wants to meet you.

If you talk to a guy online every night and he never wants to meet something is wrong. Most likely he is hiding something. Maybe he is married or is some sort of creep. If he does not want to meet stop talking. The more you talk the more you get attached and getting attached to someone who never wants to meet only leads to hurt feelings.

If a guy never wants to meet that is a red flag. It is one thing taking it slow but too slow isn't good either. It will make you doubt yourself and weather or not he is really interested in you. Remember you went online to date someone not to be pen pals. So if someone does not want to meet you just say "next'

Have you ever talked to someone online who refused to meet in person?

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