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The Only Thing That Helped When My Heart Was Broken

Updated on November 19, 2009

Everyone who get’s their heart broken, should have a “Brandon” to give them hope.

Brandon will never know what he did for me. He came into my life at a time when I desperately needed a Brandon. He was pretty much a hippie. He was from the country and liked to climb trees and smoke pot. We were not a good match at all. So I guess it’s a good thing we never became anything. But he was exactly what I needed at the time.

It had been ten months since Eric had dumped me and I was no closer to recovery than I was the day after it happened. Pathetic, I know. I was at my college for the weekend, visiting some friends. We were planning our upcoming trip to Cape Cod. I had been napping in my friend’s bed when he showed up. They all came in the bedroom to discuss the alcohol list with me since I had to buy it. I was immediately comfortable with him. He was a funny guy. Once we were done with the planning we all went into the living room to play monopoly and eat some barbque. Brandon was the banker and he had the entire game of monopoly memorized. I mean he knew how much every property cost, how much a person owed you if they landed on your property, how much houses cost, etc. It was pretty incredible. He seemed to be instantly drawn to me like I was to him. He started cheating for me. He’d give me more money than anyone else. We’d make eye contact and smile in that flirty way. He was the first boy I’d noticed since Eric. I’m not exaggerating. It was like waking up.

A couple weeks later we went on our trip. Brandon showed up halfway through the week and not a moment too soon. We had been having a blast but nothing compared to how much fun we had with him there. As soon as he showed up he took his clothes off. He spent most of the night just in boxers. Then he proceeded to drink straight up Jack Daniels while the rest of us had been drinking nothing but beer and energy drinks. As the night wore on slowly people went to bed. It was just me, him, and Nicole for a while. The two of them went out on the balcony to smoke and I wanted to join them but couldn’t find a coat. Brandon offered for me to get in his coat with him. What made it funnier is that he was wearing a hoodie and he’s much taller than I am. I sort of had to burrow up until I found the neck hole and then stand on my tip toes to keep from pulling him down. While we were in this position Nicole told us to make out. That would be the only time we kissed. Soon after that Nicole went to bed and Brandon and I stayed up giving each other really intense massages. Because we were so drunk we went much harder on each other than we normally would have but it just felt so good at the time. At around 4 AM I went downstairs to mine and Nicole’s room and got in bed. Brandon came down a few minutes later and got in bed with us. He snuggled up to me and we went to sleep.

The next day we all spent the day drinking and playing games. Brandon made mimosas when he woke up and I made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone. That night when everyone went to sleep he and I gave each other much gentler massages to try and remedy what we did to each other the night before. It was so close to becoming sexual. The slightest movement would have made it cross that line. Finally we snuggled up and went to sleep on the pull out couch. A couple hours later I woke up because there were no curtains on the floor to ceiling windows and the light was blinding. So I slipped out and went to my bed. I have this habit of leaving a boy alone in bed for one reason or another and they always look at me all wounded like the next day. When I came upstairs Brandon and another guy were playing rockband and he asked me why I left. I don’t think he bought my answer. That day was just like the one before. At some point in the afternoon they made some hot dogs. I was downstairs on the phone and Brandon came downstairs to take my order. I told him I wanted two hot dogs with a little ketchup and a little mustard and only half the buns. As a joke I also requested he cut them up in fun shapes for me. About ten minutes later he came down with a plate, put it on the bed and ran away. Nicole and I took a look at it and cracked up. He opened a bun and made a V with the two halves. Then he cut the hot dogs into diagonal pieces and decoratively drizzled ketchup and mustard over the whole plate. Amazing.

They all continued partying upstairs. I was really worn out though. I’d been on beer and energy drinks for 7 days and I had been sick the few days before the trip. I decided to take a short nap. I texted Brandon to wake me up in a bit and to do it nicely. About half hour later he came into the room quietly wearing only boxers of course. I pulled the covers back and scooted over. He got in bed with me and snuggled up. We were both about to doze off when the others discovered we were missing and started jumping on the bed. That was our last night there. The next day everyone cleaned the house and packed up the cars. Brandon agreed to drive me all the way to Brooklyn if I let him stop at his apartment to smoke a bowl first. So that was like ten hours we spent in the car together. We laughed, raced the other cars, and sang together. It was a ton of fun. After he dropped me off I texted him thanking him for driving me home and asking him to let me know when he was home so I knew he got there ok. He texted me a while later saying he was home safely and I was very welcome. It turns out he hates Brooklyn. I brought that up to him later and he said he’d only go there for me.

It was a few weeks before I saw him again. I was visiting my college again for the weekend. We threw a huge party with all the left over alcohol from spring break. As the party was winding down I sat on the floor in front of him and he just kept running his fingers through my hair. It felt nice. All of a sudden we could hear Nicole freaking out in the kitchen. Brandon and another guy ducked out to avoid the drama and Jennifer and I went to check on her. At first I tried comforting her but eventually got pissed and we got in a fight. She ran off with Jennifer following and I texted the boys to come back. While I went to change my clothes Brandon blew up the air mattress. As soon as I got back he pulled me onto it, pulled a blanket over us, and snuggled up. I think Brandon is the best sleeping companion I’ve ever had. He snores pretty loud but that doesn’t bother me. I actually like steady noise. The amazing thing about him is when most people share a bed they fall asleep cuddling but separate during the night, but he doesn’t do that. We were wrapped around each other the whole night. I got up to go to the bathroom at one point. When I came back I poked him and he opened his arms for me without opening his eyes. I curled up on him and he wrapped his arms around me and tangled our legs and we were both immediately asleep again. The next day he spent the night with me on the air mattress again so that I wouldn’t be alone there. Nicole and I still weren’t talking and it was a little awkward. But with him there everything was fine. I thought it was really sweet that he slept on the floor with me when he has his own apartment ten minutes from campus.

That was the last time we really got to hang out. I was disappointed that nothing ever really became of us but maybe it’s better that way. Just knowing him woke me up finally from the heartbreak coma I was in. He was exactly what I needed. Someone low key, fun, and flirtatious without any awkwardness. I will forever be grateful to him for bringing me back to life.


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    • 1kmjs profile image


      9 years ago from Iowa

      The whole opening the arms while asleep and cuddling without seperation was indeed special. Good ode to brandon story, I hope he reads this. But actually Im a bit relieved thats where the relationship ended. It sounded like the classic rebound spring break story until the open arms section. Im glad it didnt have a sad ending..I was worried.

      Good story


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