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The “Package-Deal” Relationship Pt.3: When It’s A Good Time To Introduce Children

Updated on October 20, 2011

Are you currently involved with someone but have yet to introduce them to your children? Are nervous and unsure what type of response you may get from your kids or the person that you're seeing if you do introduce them?

Well here's what you can do:

  • Plan the meeting. You should give it a fair amount of time before you introduce your kids. Then when you do feel that it's the right time and you're really positive that the person you're with is in it for the long haul, then set up a day for them to meet.
  • Talk with your children. Let them know that mommy/daddy has someone that makes them happy, and you would appreciate it if they can meet him/her too. Of course this all depends on the situation and how old your kids are. So you may customize your talk and see if they would be comfortable meeting.
  • Look for feedback. Have a talk with the person you're seeing and your kids separately. Find out what they think about each other after the initial encounter. If everything's positive, continue to check for feedback. Body language towards each other shows their level of comfort. Look at how they interact when they're around each other.

** It may take a while for your children (or even the person that you're seeing to adjust to the situation). So just give it some time.

If all goes well, it may erase any fears or nervousness that you might've had. So just do a lot of group (family-like) activities with them, in addition to the dates that you and the man/woman that you're with go on...and things should be fine.


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