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The People in my Building

Updated on April 28, 2015

Who lives below.

Apartment one, soon will be a vacant space for another person or persons tho live. Just one day ago a man named Steve and his girlfriend used to rent the place. Steve was battling a diagnoses of terminal cancer of the brain. Only a few days before, his girlfriend called an abulance to take him to the hospital because he was getting worse. He was just given weeks to a few months of life. Then his girlfriend left his side and is leaving the building (we are with you steve). Apartment three, is an older gentleman, but is very quite and to himself, but a man that if he allowed you in, seems very sweet and kind. Wonder if it is problems in the family. Apartment four, is also an elderly lady that about a year ago lost her husband. She also is battling severe pain in her feet and soon will be have major surgery, removing half of both feet. She just recently had her second stroke here and has been constantly sick with a cold. Feel better.

Tenants above.

Apartment five, is a younger couple with kids. The children stay off and on given custody. This young couple are going through the normal routine of a relationship and it's up and downs. The kids all of them are wonderful, the oldest is going through a very troublesome phase. Talk it through, don't fight it out. Apartment six, what whirlwind with her. Well, just heard in light if all goes well she will be moving out and leaving the state. Also, I hear she is trying to kick out her man ( hope that goes well). This is the tenant I was arrested for turning in. Apartment seven, a decently good looking man but very different. Very to himself and unique. Works, comes home, and sleeps. The longest staying tenant. As for apartment eight, a couple of the African American heritage but, some of the best people. No sugar for you sir.



Our last room

Apartment nine is a young family and has been of not much, to any problem from what I know. The two you boys are so cute and they seem to know what their doing. Hope all stays well in the family.

Never make a home and know the people that surround it. Never let someone impede on a good place. Always greet and protect those who do the same for you.

Dear Steve

I wrote this hub, not to tell all about the people living here, but as a tribute to the little time I knew you. Thank for every moment you spent with us. We are better people having known and been around your loving life. We miss you dearly!

Bye Steve


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