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The 7 Personalities To Limit in Life

Updated on August 30, 2014


As we go on about our daily lives, we encounter many different people, with many different personalities. Some of these personalities are great to have around, while others may hold back an individual from accomplishing their life goals. This passage will display A FEW of these personalities to be weary of. To make it in life, you must surround yourself with positive people, and avoid those who will not conflict with your personality.

The Scavenger

This type of person is common in the black neighborhood. They walk up and down the streets all day looking for a handout. No job, no money, no life. Their joy in life is to join the lives of others in an attempt to find self-completion. Scavengers are normally drug addicts, and spend the little money they receive to support their habits. Although their lifestyle is inadequate to the normal person, they greatly praise those who have become successful in their endeavors. But the more success you express to them, the more they attempt to ask for. Having a scavenger around will bring down your assets because the more they are around you, the more entitled they feel to your personal benefits.

The Downer

Always complaining about every little thing. Searches for the negative aspects of a situation rather than opening their eyes to the positive. No matter how good everything is going for them, they will find the smallest thing to find fault in. The downer strongly represents the notion that "misery loves company". If they find someone who is just as miserable as they are, they achieve a sense of "like" in the world knowing that someone else shares their opinion. Having a downer around brings down the party, and may possibly give those that surround them the sense that they MUST make them happy in order to have a good time.

The Narcissistic Aggravator

Ever met an individual who talks about themself no matter how many people are around and no matter what the subject is about? This is the Narcissistic Aggravator. Narcissistic people's only joy in life is to be awed in the eyes of others. Everything is about them, and nothing is better than what they have done. Tell a narcissistic person that you have a million dollars, and they will tell you, "I have a million AND ONE dollars!". Having this type of person around tends to aggravate the group, and may cause friction between friends. No one likes to sit and just hear a person talk about themself all day, so having a narcissistic person around is bad for a group conversation.

The Self-Titled Genius

Some call them "know-it-alls", but here we will refer to them as "the Self-Titled Genius". The reason behind this name is due to this type of individual having the sense that they know more than everybody. They tend to disagree with the group in almost all conversations, and give their opinion at inappropriate times. They feel that everything that comes out of their mouth is correct, and hate to be proven wrong. When proven wrong, they get a sense of weakness, and may become hostile if consistently antagonized. Having a Self-Titled Genius is good at times because they are not afraid to express their opinion, but being too opinionated causes people to sway away from they group.

The Lost Soul

This person has no mind of their own. They always seem to follow the crowd, no matter how bad or good a situation seems to be. Their goal in life is to be admired by those around them. A Lost Soul can easily be talked into doing almost anything. The outcome of their life is based on the people they surround themselves with. The thing that hurts them more than anything is being excluded from group activities, but they won't express this to the entire group due to fear of future exclusion. Will laugh at almost anything, even if they share a different opinion. Quiet, very timid, but normally will speak loudly in a one on one encounter.

The Energizer Bunny

They just keep going, and going, and going. They never know when to just sit down and just listen. Their joy in life is always to have a good time, no matter how serious a situation. If found in a quiet setting, the Energizer Bunny's attention span is that of a goldfish. Although a more lively personally, they normally will not argue back if provoked. Usually will not discuss personal problems in public, but their remedy to everyone else's problem is to party. Tends to put themselves in bad situations due to a lack of mental consciousness when having a good time. The Energizer Bunny should only be used as the weekend party "wingman". Having them around for an extensive time period causes an individual to put their own endeavors to the side, and party with them just to keep them happy.

The Liar

Last but not least, we come to the individual that the entire circle just shakes their heads at. The Liar is an untruthful person who tells so many lies, they start to believe them themselves. They possess almost every quality of the above personalities, all rolled into one unlikeable individual. Their passion in life is to have everyone like them by any words necessary. They hate to be called liars, and become extremely aggressive depending on how big the story is. Exposing them for the story tellers they are causes them to become distant from the rest of the group, and look for new people to lie to. Having a liar around will cause friction because the rest of the group will discuss the person's lies behind closed doors, and the Liar will feel betrayed.


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    • Dovay Lee profile image

      Dovay Lee 6 years ago from China

      I agree with you. Informative indeed