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The Pisces Women true or fiction

Updated on April 29, 2015


Pisces or Not

I'm not all that much into astrology but one day i came across this book "The Astrology of Great Sex", and for some reason i just had to get it. I am a Pisces per se and as i was reading through this pisces women description it just awed me for it is about 94% mua! There are other signs in here is as well but my main focus was pisces of course and the signs which are compatible with the pisces women. so here is a brief description of a pisces women.......

Attraction and dating a Pisces: what attracts you to someone?

Pisces don't make answers to questions about what attracts us, easy! We pisces are known to have some characteristics of all other signs. When it comes to our sense of attraction, we incorporate ideals of the other signs.

What might turn us off?

We are mostly turned off by men who have negative attitudes and who have too much "Ego". Also since pisces is a spiritual sign, a man who is too materialistic and places to much value on money and power will not satisfy us.

Are we flirtatious?

pisces is charming and masterful flirt. with easy conversation, with our ability to empathize and to read a man's mind, she reaches him and he is hooked. It doesn't help that she's luminous with captivating eyes.

Are you jealous

humm humm this i might be guilty of a lot of the times. Pisces is empathetic, sensitive, and psychic. we can quickly pick up if our lover is dividing his attention between us and an other woman. Maybe we are not jealous per se but we won't put up with this type of behavior.

what do we Pisces women enjoy doing on a date?

for the most part anything that has to do with water, for example a picnic beside a lake maybe water skiing or even just a night stroll on the beach hand and hand.

the rest of the chapter on pisces women talks about their Sexual attitudes and behaviors but I think I will leave that, for the imaginations besides if your a pisces or have a pisces woman as a partner, you should be familiar with what our pisces sexual preferences and behaviors are!

pisces women compatibility with other signs "male signs"

w/aries ram and the fish: are an odd couple

w/taurus bull and the fish: soul mates in paradise

w/gemini the twins with the fish: drama for the audience

w/cancer cancer and the fish: true love that lasts forever

w/leo lion and fish:incompatible species

w/virgo virgin and fish:worth getting your feet weet

w/libra scales and fish:mixed metaphor

w/scorpio scorpion and fish: happy surf and turf


w/capricorn the goat and fish: contented species

w/aquarius the water bearer and fish:more friction than fun and games

and last but not least pisces with pisces two fish together happily swimming round and round...........

now does this fit your Pisces description like it does me?


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    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 2 years ago from los angeles, ca

      Alriti mattu the Pisces male is a bit different

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      Being a Piscean myself, it was interesting reading your post :)

    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 4 years ago from los angeles, ca


      Right on good for you

    • profile image

      Marvine 4 years ago

      I'm a Pisces Gurl, in love with a Pisces Boy whom is GEORGOUS!! Omg! LoL. Anyway, my birthday is March 9th, and his is March 7th. We b0th 19. We flirt a lot. It always feels like we're one when we together. We're so much alike, he's the one person who understands me BETTER. Usually we don't have to talk to know what the other is thinking, which is kinda scary and amazing at the same time :). We would just stay there and stare at each other, which is so cute, my friends always tell me how jealous they are of us. Hahaha.. I think I've found my soul mate, I ain't NEVER gonna let him go. :33

    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 5 years ago from los angeles, ca

      @anna118 really that sucks! My sag knows how I am and knows better to not try anything like that with me just cause

    • profile image

      anna 5 years ago

      I'm crazy about this one particular sag. He like me didn't tell me totally what his intentions were. I let it slide. He got mad. And than came home every 3 months with a girlfriend somehow thinking he could try to make a secure "us" while he was in a relationship. Smh. Crazy about him though he was the only i felt understood me or really tried to.

    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 5 years ago from los angeles, ca

      LOL I am with a sagitarius and it is very much an uphill battle ?

    • profile image

      Alyssa 5 years ago

      Most of it is true for me. However, I am engaged to an egotistical male Leo. I will admit his ego sometimes makes my eyes roll but we are compatible.

    • profile image

      Elle 5 years ago

      This is spot on!! I have been married to a cancer to 10 years.

    • PlasmaBeam profile image

      PlasmaBeam 5 years ago from Carlsbad, CA

      After living with a Pisces for 15 years, married for 12... I started dating only Aquarius women after the divorce.

      Being a Cancer, my Pisces and I basically negotiated terms constantly. It worked for me. I'm not the slightest attracted to Pisces women, I only take notice of whether they are after my money.

    • perri taliana profile image

      perri taliana 5 years ago from kent england

      Im male picean and yes I do believe there is truth in this, my own experience I have always get on with libras.

    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 5 years ago from los angeles, ca

      i feel the same way

    • profile image

      SanXuary 5 years ago

      I do not believe in astrology but there have been studies that seem to prove most of what you have written and I know it to be true. Being a male and a Pisces these traits are considered to be the same. I find it odd that I have never dated a Pisces, since we are flirts and I have dated countless women. This is one of those articles where you ask yourself why is their any truth to it. Beyond that I find nothing in Astrology that offers much more.

    • profile image

      Arizona Sue 5 years ago

      When looking at ones astrology chart, there are many factors that come into view. The Sun sign is but one indication of the type one is. Alabe offers free charts.

      Pisces are a mystical sign and are open to the mysteries of life. You're on your way....dig deeper.