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The Power of Sorry Regarding Past Relationships

Updated on December 12, 2015

I'm Sorry

“All this time I blamed you cause I know what I'm doing
Stabbing on your heart again, relationship ruined

Sorry, don't turn back the clock
Baby I took advantage cause I knew you
Wouldn't believe it, so I used you
I'm sorry, oh I'm sorry don't make it right, I know “

Listening to the lyrics of a song makes you wonder- How many people have acknowledged or apologized for mistreating or hurting someone they dated?


Forgiveness is individually empowering for the individual to put things behind them and move on rather than allow offenses to alter or change one’s spirit. It is admirable to analyze past relationships, learn lessons, and move on. Forgiving others benefits the person granting forgiveness. Forgiveness allows closure, opens the door to the future once someone has overcome the hurts of the past, and releases the toll of negative feelings carried by those wronged by others.

“It is not possible to achieve by vigilance in anger and revenge what the soul is longing for. The soul longs for peace.” James Forbes

HealthDay News reported research conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management & Universitiy of Illinois at Urbana Champaign discovered the following fact:

“Women are far more likely to harbor misgivings for their actions--specifically 44 percent for women, compared with 19 percent for men.”

Explanations For Behavior

What are some of the regrets regarding past relationships?

"I stayed in the relationship too long because I thought I could fix him"

"I thought I could do better, but now I want us to have a second chance"

"I wish I had better memories of our time together"

"I wonder about what might have been with my old boyfriend"

"I pushed too hard, too soon for a commitment"

"Years later, our breakup bothers me. I just don't show it"

"She was the one who got away"

"I should have tried harder to make things work"

"I was overly possessive"

Cheating and Sex Too Quickly are also regrets that people express when it comes to failed relationships.

The Power of the Conversation

This is the perfect time to say I’m sorry. It takes courage to do so but heck this is life-you only live once but regrets can last a lifetime. These conversations place your soul at ease. The conversations are not about rekindling the relationship but acknowledging wrong. These conversations benefit the person initiating the conversation as well as the person receiving the apology. Sorry doesn’t make it right but acknowledging the wrong causes a feast of peace, resolve, and understanding that helps others move forward in a wonderful way. Apologizing shows strength of character and confirms your growth as an individual which benefits the offended. While moving forward and learning your lessons in love are easier said than done – tragic situations often result in alterations in your actions and beliefs when it comes to love. Ever meet someone that is closed, cold, guarded etc. –that behavior is either an issue with their family dynamic and/or the result of bad relationship(s).

Have you ever apologized for hurting someone else?

See results


The Conversation

  • Have you ever acknowledged or expressed regret for hurting someone?
  • Have you had conversation(s) with people you dated that you hurt?
  • Any one night stand regrets?
  • Do you regret using others for your own benefit perhaps knowing you did not care for that person but pretended to do so?
  • Have you cheated on someone and perhaps regret making them believe they were crazy when they suspected as such?
  • Do you regret losing the love of your life, perhaps not fighting enough to keep her/him in your life?
  • Have you cheated in a relationship and regretted your actions?
  • Did you let pride, the opinions of others, or social status alter your desire to enter into a relationship with another person you really loved?
  • Have you regretted losing someone because you were selfish or unappreciative of the love and affection of another?
  • Do you regret avoiding commitment with someone only to realize they were your best option after all?
  • Did you use someone financially for your own benefit knowing you did not care about that person and had no intent of paying back your debt?
  • Have you ever used someone for financial benefit knowing you never loved or cared about them?

Reddit-Apology posting / Forgiveness

WandersNotLost posted:

"Yes...20 years later. We were together for about 2 years going from when I was a senior in high school through my first year of college. Basically, taking out the loooong story, he dumped me to marry someone else because he would be given his own store (her daddy had money). 20 years later he found me on facebook, we were living about 3 hours from each other, he drove down to take me to lunch, and he looked me straight in the eyes and apologized for what he'd done to me, in specifics. I cannot tell you the weight that lifted off of me at that instant."



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