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The Priceless Gift and Curse of Love

Updated on February 10, 2013


Welcome Readers, for those of you that have followed my writting you may have by now realized that love is always a topic that envokes a lot of emotions within me. I now want to share my view on the ups and downs of love. Like I have always said this is just my opinion each of us have different views on love because we all experience love differently. This is just my outline on the good, bad, ugly, happy and joys of love. So I hope this is somewhat informational to you the reader but if not I would like to personally thank you for reading my article. Please don't be afarid to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. I enjoy both positive and negative feedback because it is critical for advancement in my writting.


Priceless Love

Love is always the most powerful and intense emotion that we as humans can and will ever feel. The upside of falling in love is that the transition to liking some to being in love with them is always beautiful. When your waiting by the phone because your so eager to call them. Finishing each others sentences and being able to think alike is a huge plus. You also can see the good in that person more clear than anyone else can at the moment. Its like during those times everything that he or she does is just one more heartfelt memory that you hold onto. It is like flying on a cloud that is soft and so comfortable. It is worth fighting for because the feeling of someone being so near to you is incrediable. It feels similar to a drug, its like it feels so good and relaxing that you need more and more of it because it is such a great experience made directly for you.


Priceless Curse of Love

Their is always a drawback to anything that is so good. I like to call it the curse you take on when you fall in love. When you fall in love you are taking a huge risk. Why? Simply because you don't and can't predict what will happen next. The other person may not have the same feelings for you or they may fall out of love with you. When two people in love hit the stage of growth they may either grow together and towards each other or they may grow apart. When your heart broken their is another intense emotions. Now let me explain, intense emotions either good or bad are always very hard to control. A lot of times we are victims to our intense emotions. Heart Break never ever feels good and never ever heals right away. You know heart break when you just can't manage a smile because your so deeply hurt that you constantly fight away tears. You go out of your mind to fix it but you can't because your too emotional. Their is always the risk that you can turn from being hurt to being angry and then to becoming emotionally void.


Controlling Intense Emotions

I want to share with you the tips to controlling your intense emotions and how to understand them better. Understand that men and women experience these intense emotions much more differently. Men seem to have a bit more control of them but women can communicate them more verbally. When you have a good intense emotion like being in love, you can hardly control sharing it with anyone and everyone who has time to talk. Although please realize if you drown your self in this intense feeling you're taking the risk of smothering the other person with to much affection. This runs the high risk of when something negative happens you take it way harder than normal because you wear essentially up in the clouds and didn't see it coming. When you are having an intense negative emotion like heart break, you may loose your head about everything. You may become depressed to the point of not wanting to move forward. The key is to remember with any intense emotion YOU have the POWER to manage it. You need to take a deep breath and look at yourself. Then center your mind so that it is clear, meaning nothing gets in and nothing gets out. Then once your in a clear state of mind, picture your intense emotions as something you are able to grab onto. Hold onto the feeling for a minute. Then picture yourself putting somewhere either special to you or out of your way so that it isn't seen. Repeat this process as needed.


In Closing

Remember that love is priceless reguardless of the curse of pain it comes with. Give yourself time and remember that even if you loose control of intense emotions don't come down on yourself too hard. Mistakes will happen. Just use them to learn and move forward. Then worse thing we can do is allow ourselves to get to caught in one emotion that we are not able to process with our lives as we need too. Good or bad love is an intense emotion that we can't control. Although we can manage them. We can use them for good or bad. The unique thing with love is that your in the drivers seat always. Until next time Ciao.


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