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The Pro's & Con's Of Using Craigslist For Online Dating

Updated on March 25, 2013

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Craiglist For Online Dating?

Craigslist often gets a bad rap for being sleezy, just a sex hookup site, or having "wierdos" on there. Craigslist can actually be a decent place to meet new friends and find dates though. In this hub we will be discussing the Pro's and Con's of using Craigslist for online dating.

Before we get to the Pro's and Con's one thing I wanted to add about Craigslist is it does have something other dating sites don't. Craigslist has the immediate date possibility. What do I mean by this? Typically with online dating sites like say Plenty Of Fish or OkCupid it's not really acceptable or well received to message someone and say "Hey I don't have any plans tonight would you like to grab a drink." On Craigslist however though you can just meet people online it's more used for immediate dating. What do I mean by this? Rather than getting to know someone online and setting up a date days or weeks down the road Craigslist is meant to be more immediate. Typically the ads you see will be "Anyone Wanna Grab A Drink Tonight? I'll be at Sound Bar." Though some sites have tried to capitalize on the immediate dating thing by having features where you can see people nearby no sites have really made it take off.

Well, now we'll get to the Pro's and Con's of using Craigslist for online dating.


Craigslist Is Free To Use

Craigslist Is Immediate, Don't have a date tonight? You can find one

People On Craigslist are more open in general

No account necessary just post your ad

You can choose to post a picture or not post a picture

Craigslist uses an encrypted email system to protect your privacy

Craigslist has categories for just friends, dating, or hooking up.


Craigslist does have some strange people on there

It's rumored lots of people on craigslist have STD's

Not many people post pictures

Tons of spam, fake bots, and webcam girls

Lots of people acting like they are looking for dates are actually prostitutes

People will look at you crazy if you tell them you met your girlfriend on Craigslist.


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