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The Pros and Cons of being Alone

Updated on May 10, 2017

The Pros and Cons of being Alone

Everyone needs to be alone sometimes. A lot of people think that being alone is a bad thing. But what they don’t know is that there are pros and cons to everything, as well as a limitless feeling. The good thing about being alone is you don’t need to get your hopes up for anything. Being alone the pros of it is, you can do what you want without anyone telling you anything. You can do whatever you want without telling anyone anything. You can also organize your life your way not working off someone Else's schedule. Those are just some of the pros of being alone. The cons of being alone are that you don’t have anyone to talk to, and you don’t go out much so when you do go out, you feel alone. Although you are not alone but spending so much time alone is a good thing sometimes. Being alone can be limitless to people but not very many people like it.There are only the select few people that like being alone limitlessly, I am one of them. It is just easier for me to organize my thoughts when I am alone and that is why I like it so much.

It all depends on who you ask don't just take my word for it, some people enjoy being alone like me, and others can’t handle it. I like being alone myself, why I like being alone is because my thoughts are usually so jumbled that I like to sort them out myself, and I don’t trust easily so spending my time alone is a lot easier. Although, spending too much time alone is not a good thing. The reason for that is because the more time you spend alone, the less social you are. Which is never good with how social the world is these days and I am not talking about the internet.

The cons of being alone are the feeling of loneliness and worthlessness. Also being alone is not good for your self-esteem if you don’t have anyone to talk to you can’t talk things out. The more, time you spend alone you can go crazy, and start talking to yourself as though someone is actually there. The pros of being alone are you get things done, faster although it is more fun sometimes with someone around but other times it isn’t.

Although everyone has their own pros and cons of being alone, I have already said what mine are but is it such a bad thing to want to be alone? That is the real question. Is it such a bad thing if you want to spend your time alone, I know that I have asked myself this question, a million times and then I think of what I have accomplished because I have spent time alone? I guess it really depends on the person and what they have gone through in their life if they enjoy being alone or not. I like being alone because it’s calming and relaxing, to me. I enjoy the quiet that is the main reason why I like being alone. Many people would not understand that, but that is why I love being alone so much. I am not saying that it is all quiet because it isn’t but, I like not having to answer to very many people and getting what I need to get done on my own time, making my schedule things like that. That is why I like being alone.

A quote about the pros and cons of being alone
A quote about the pros and cons of being alone

A con of being alone is you are always with yourself, and always being with yourself, doesn’t give you human contact. Everyone needs human contact every once in a while. Also if you start talking to the walls, and then you go out in public and mistakenly think you are alone and begin talking to the walls, the people around you will think you are crazy.

Sure some people might not like, being around people because of some issues they might think that other people cause for them, but being around another human being is a good distraction and company. Everyone needs to remember that even if you enjoy being alone most of the time, being with others will benefit you too, by letting you talk your thoughts outs with someone who can actually talk back to you and be your sounding board. Everyone, needs a sounding board sometimes, don’t they? I am not saying that being alone is a bad thing but people can’t be alone all the time it’s not good for their health it is healthy to be around other people. When you are around other people it gives you aa sense of purpose, when you are always alone you have to force yourself, most of the time to have your own sense of purpose. At least that is what my opinion is.

What do you think of being alone do you enjoy it or would you rather be with people? For some people, this is a hard question to answer and for others, it is an easy one, but that depends on the person as does everything else. I am a twin so I have never actually been alone, I have always had someone around, that is probably why I like to be alone because I can make my own decisions and think for myself. Not that I don’t get to think for myself, with my twin I do but not having to answer to anyone, is what I like the most about being alone. Being a twin they are usually always around when you are younger anyway, so when you get the chance to be alone when you are older you take it because it is something new and exciting isn’t it.

There is always pros to being alone and cons to it too, they both come in limitless amounts. It depends on who you speak to though. Some people like to be alone because they with people all day and others like to be alone because they just don't like people. Or some people don't like any of that at all, they love being with people and that is what they do. Remember though there are limitless pros for being alone and there are limitless cons for being alone. However, we don't usually figure that out because we don't think about it.

When people think of being alone do they think of the pros and cons? Probably not because most people are not alone for long periods of time. Most people like to have people around them. There are a select few people who like to be alone for long periods of time because they get more done when they are alone. At least that is the way I look at it because I like being alone more than I like being with people.

Sometimes being alone is a good thing
Sometimes being alone is a good thing

Sometimes being alone is a good thing but sometimes it isn't

Being alone is sometimes a good thing. It is a good thing because you don't have to listen to anyone else or follow anyone else's rules. You have a lot more control when you are alone rather than being with other people. Sometimes, however, being with people is a good thing, because you get to talk to someone else other than yourself, and they will answer you back because when you are alone nobody is going to answer you back when you talk out loud. That is why having people around is a good thing sometimes, we all need people in our lives so that we live a full life. That is the con of being alone all the time we don't have people to talk to or bounce ideas off of. Which is sometimes what we need don't you think?

Do you think it is good or bad to be alone let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I agree completely

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      In world with over 7 Billion plus people being alone is pretty much a deliberate choice these days.

      At some point most people do make friends, acquaintances, or date. Eventually we meet people whom we have things in common with and enjoy spending time with them. It's also human nature to desire romantic or sexual companionship as well.

      Whenever you're where you want to be, doing what you want to do there is no con. The only con to being alone is if deep down you wish you weren't alone. If that's the case one could always join a hobby/interest group on Life is a (personal) journey!