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The Purpose of Opposites

Updated on March 30, 2011

Before the consciousness of Time, two entities, formless in the Void of darkest space, embraced in eternal completeness, each one fulfilled in total perfection, engulfed in the wholeness of the other.

Throughout the passage of infinity, the Essence of All Awareness burst forth into existence, creating His wake, a knowing of all things antithetical. From that knowing, emerged the Realization of Balance. Essence did not create opposites for the purpose of conflict, He created them for the purpose of unity, for the completion, each of the other, to be a reflection of their wholeness as it was before Conscious Thought. Eons widened the void of darkness and through that expansion, brought about a change in the knowledge of the Purpose of Opposites.

With the misperception of that Truth came an overwhelming sense of separateness, confusion and doubt. These misguided falsehoods created fear within the depths of the Beings whom first existed and all those who followed thus the cycle of darkness regenerated itself.

The darkness continued and grew deeper and stronger down through the place and time referred to as the “now” or the “present.” In the continuity of that darkness, its grip became every stronger, persisting in it’s urgence of separateness, confusion, doubt and fear.


The Essence, in His deepest soul, yearned for His creation’s return to the awareness of preconscious thought, that completeness, that perfection of wholeness. That awareness has become buried in the ever-recycled fear our souls have become accustomed to clinging to. For what purpose do we cling?  How has it served us to so desperately hold onto this falsehood, this misperceived Truth that causes us so much pain?


We have the REAL TRUTH within our very Essence yet why do we beat it down and deny it? How does our ignorance and stubbornness serve the purpose of our existence?


Someday, we will let go of the struggle, we will stop fighting our OWN SOULS, the very souls that Essence bestowed with innate wholeness and we will come back to our preconscious perfection, safely and serenely entwined and cradled in the arms of the other, forever blessed by the reuniting of our Spirits.


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    • profile image

      Lene' Lynn 7 years ago

      Thanks Beege! That was my intention! :)

    • Beege215e profile image

      Beege215e 7 years ago

      thought provoking.