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$2 Tuesdays at Club NV- Discrimination at a Straight Club

Updated on July 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 29th 2010, My wife Alicia and I, our friends Smiley and her girlfriend Nay decided to go out since it was Smiley’s night off from work. Although after looking online we found a gay club to go to, we decided to go to Club NV for $2 Tuesdays. This is a straight club at the same location Frisco Robbie once held Club Booty. The reason for this was because Nay is under 21 and Club NV is an 18+ club.

Before getting dressed I looked online to see what people were saying on about this club. Alicia and I had been there once before but I couldn’t remember anything that made me want to come again. (Lol) All I could find were bad reviews and comments about how they hold the line to make it seem packed inside, yet there was nothing else to do so we proceeded to get dressed and head to Club NV. I didn’t “see” us at this club so I knew something was going to happen so that we couldn’t go in.

Alicia and I met Smiley and Nay at Denny’s in Emeryville and they followed us to the club. Upon arriving we noticed a line which wrapped around into the parking lot. We soon realized that was where the line started. We all had the same thought, “what a bunch of bull.” As we stood in line, some white guy came in line behind us with a black girl and a white girl and sung, “I don’t even care if you a lesbian,” from Bobby Brackin’s’ song “143.” I thought, “Oh my gosh, shut up!” I wanted to smack him.

When it was our turn, the security woman patted us down as I teased Nay for the woman touching Smiley, and then Alicia for the woman touching me. I was kidding but I think she was offended. She looked like a lesbian herself but maybe I was wrong. (Lol)

The next person was a bald security guy who was checking IDs. Smiley pulled out her and Nay’s ID and handed it to baldy. He looked at them for two seconds and then handed them to another guy on the other side of the ropes asking him to double check the Ids. Alicia then pulled out our Ids and handed them to baldy and once again, after looking them over for a few seconds he opened the rope and sent us to the same guy for a double check. The guy said that he couldn’t accept Nay’s ID because it was damaged, and then told us to have a good night. Although the security guard doing the double check didn’t care to see our Ids anyway, Alicia didn’t bother handing them to him because we weren’t going to go in if Smiley and Nay couldn’t. I stood there for a moment watching baldy check Ids to see if he had the other guy double checking anyone else’s ID and just as I thought, he was letting everyone else in without a problem. The club isn’t even all that great for him to be tripping over a bent ID. If you check Ids every night I‘m sure you know that Ids usually get bent from clubbing all of the time and I’m sure you see a lot of them.

“I knew I didn’t see us in that club,“ I thought, As we walked back to where we parked the cars. I was still mad. Smiley and Nay were about to go to a party so we figured we’d just go into the Club since our Ids were in perfect condition. Mine was actually brand new since I received it only 2 weeks ago. I still didn’t “see” us inside this club so I figured something else would go wrong.

We walked up to the security guard who told us to have a good night only to ask if we had to wait in line again to get into the club. As we walked up they stood there doing nothing. He then told us that if one person from a group has an issue and couldn’t come in, then everyone they came with had to leave. With fire in my eyes I said, “Are you serious!” He then told us that he doesn’t make the rules but he has to enforce them. He wasn’t nice and I didn’t believe him. I was so pissed off that I literally wanted to take my shoe off and beat him in the head with my heel! As we walked away, still there was no one else being sent over for their ID to be double checked. We knew that we had been discriminated against because we’re gay. They just didn’t want us in the club. So we left, and headed to a gay club in the Castro called the Qbar.

If you’d like to read about our Qbar experience, or what the Qbar is check out my blog.


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