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The REAL World and Will You Define Me?

Updated on October 24, 2014

Blurred the lines between happiness and giving up

Your words reverberate from hollow walls of tainted time...

If only I could understand you,
Your blind, sad fight...Then I could truly know you... know to walk away.
But it has never been in my character to bow down to monarchs or dictatorships.
My fibers were not constructed to buckle under tirades and furies...
I cannot flail around blindly when I know all that my heart desires, and have it before me each day!
A sad fate, yours...But yours, nonetheless.
Even a broken, tired, and thirsty creature can find the strength to drink the water set in front of it.
So though I pity you, I do not understand.
This "Real World" of yours is like a globe... you transfixed by its beauty, yet unaware you are trapped.
It is not real. It is not a life that is LIVED but one that is dictated.
For once our free will is taken, tell me, what do you have left that makes you REAL?
If this world of yours involves temperance to violence and makes despair and shame commonplace, I will have nothing to do with it!
I do not believe, though some be weaker, that any human's constitution involves accepting the wrongs as rights, nor trying to convince yourself that the shell of a man is worthy of following?
I wake up with a vision of goodness before my eyes, steadfast and unchanging.
Joy that knows no ceiling, no steel fences, no rules to adhere to to be accepted...
I am me. I am loved, and therefore am whole.
Our soul KNOWS when we are being true to the deepest level of our own existence.
Yours through time, is but an outline of what it could have been...
Like it was drawn in with chalk, and the wind blew and smeared its lines.
So not even you know when you are being used, abused, or that your blue skies are turned dark.
Stand up and fight! Fight for love, for life! Fight for something! For anything!
I only wish that I could see that spark, that fire ignite and reveal someone who FEELS and breathes and KNOWS it is being true, it is being made alive, that it has never settled, and will fight for peace, for happiness, for protection, and for any promised land that is threatened.
Come out of your "real world", and into a life you were meant to live.
Until then, I can only look on as you fade...
Fade into blurs and then wisps and finally are no longer allowed to follow up one statement or one true longing in your heart
Your words are toying with you.
They make you sound so fierce, so independent.
But now that you have been taken in again and again by smooth words and dark promises and been party to the robbery of your own conscience...
Your words reverberate from hollow walls of tainted time.
When you pick up the truth that you know, and don't waver, then you will know a world where goodness will follow you...will follow you wherever you go.

Perfect Shades

Will You Define Me?

I cannot be black and white... not even for you.
I cannot be the perfect temperance of highlights and shadows, like a perfectly timed exposure.
I cannot be only still...
It is not a lack of peace, but rather a constant change of temperature.
There is hot, there is cold, but like color there are also a myriad of degrees in between.
There is searing, there is frigid, and sometimes I like to be both simultaneously.
Who is to tell me I can't? I dare you to try to fix me.
I want to be comfortably warm while my fingers and toes are numb.
I want to be the most confident shade of GRAY.
I want you to wonder how you will make me feel.I want to wonder it too...

There is no situation that has my predetermined reaction.
Don't try to make sense of me. I am quite determined that it is impossible.
Let me make my own shades from black and white, from hot and cold...
Let me defy all expectation, and never know the meaning of predictable.
One word should never be enough to describe someone.

More Shades of Black and White


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    • russiangypsygirl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thank you SO much, myownworld, for your comments. Your words inspire me in return to continue to express myself. Thanks for reading.

    • myownworld profile image


      8 years ago from uk

      'I wake up with a vision of goodness before my eyes, steadfast and unchanging.

      Joy that knows no ceiling, no steel fences, no rules to adhere to to be accepted.' Just loved these lines! You are right, nothing can break the spirit to live within us...despite everything. You words are truly Inspirational....:)

    • russiangypsygirl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thank you very much Sophs... I am hoping it keeps on flowing out!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is really beautiful Rusiangypsygirl, keep up the good work :-)


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