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The Red Wine

Updated on October 30, 2016

The color’s inviting

Tastes sweet


Thirsty free

At ease

No more longing.

So deceiving is it

One glass not enough

Second not yet

A third one doesn’t feel enough

Soon the bottle is empty.

Another bottle

More glasses of wine

One, two, three, four

The bottle is empty.

Feels heavy, feels dizzy

Feels funny

So crazy

It’s a pity.


Thinking soberly is a new vocabulary

Lost in the love of beauty and taste

Only to pass out, not knowing how.

Dreaming one more

Just one more glass

Its looks tempting

Beautiful but deceiving

Sweet but strong

Inviting very inviting, indeed it is.


So blinding is it.

My friend,

Be careful the wine you choose

Don’t be deceived by its color

In the hope it will satisfy your thirst

Only to start behaving awkwardly.

Better look closely at the name of the wine

To be sure it’s the right one

The best one suited for you.

The above poem is meant to educate on the importance of being careful when falling in love or about to do so. As is the case with red wine which is inviting due to it's clear so is a human being. If you are looking at outward form you will be deceived to falling in love with someone who doesn't love you, will end up using you as a credit card or you will realize too late you fell in love with the wrong person. It does not mean beautiful and handsome people don't have true love. They do have. Nonetheless, outward appearance is not an indication of you have fallen in love with the right person.

Be careful you take time to know the other person before you commit your heart to him/her. Otherwise, it might be broken beyond repair. Treat your heart with care when it comes to matters of falling in love with someone.



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