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Women Looking For Men: Beautiful Women and Their Look Quotes About Personality Vs. Appearance

Updated on September 27, 2017

Which do you think matters more when it comes to dating?

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A couple with complimenting clothing
A couple with complimenting clothing

It is well known fact that it’s not all about how you look, but rather, who you really are in the inside. Why do looks matter when you have one of the most chiseled of personalities? You may not be the most attractive person out there, but you have a great personality! You may say, why should anyone care what I look like? Why should I even care about what I look like?

Looks really do matter, but let’s point out the fact that the majority of people are not ugly. In fact, they are all very beautiful. Unfortunately, there is a lack of understanding of oneself floating around. Let’s take an example: sunglasses. Sunglasses are very popular in today’s world. A lot of people I know like wearing sunglasses, or even hats, similarly. Unfortunately, not all sunglasses and hats fit their faces. The key to understanding yourself and your natural beauty is learning what works with your body and what doesn’t. I am a strong believer that people are naturally beautiful, but the moment you fight your physical features with products, hairstyles, and other sorts of upgrades that don’t help define the beauty direction your body is trying to take, others will begin to find you slightly more unattractive.

Interestingly, what the majority of the cast don’t realize is just how important looking fresh and at your best really is. The majority will shower at least once every day. Some, perhaps, may be acquainted to what most call the poor man’s shower, which is an act of finding a restroom sink and showering with it. Nonetheless, it’s about what you do to look good that counts. If you can learn to look good, you’ll definitely be on the right track. Taking care of yourself, including but not limited to personal hygiene, will help you look at your best. Now, I’m talking about more than just showers. You need to shave. You need to fix your hair and allow it to fit your face. You should wear glasses that fit your face, as well. Wear clothing that compliments your clothing and, rather than wearing sizes that are too big or too small, wear something appropriate for your body. That brings us to our next idea: size.

Be honest. There is no better option.

What body type are you?

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Body sizes

Have you noticed those guys or girls that are bigger than their partners? Have you ever wondered how they do it? How are they able to get the guy or girl that is slightly, or even greatly, more attractive than them? Well, let’s define what it means to be attractive for one quick second. There’s already a predefined social norm for what being hot and being attractive really are. The hotties are the ones who look very fit. Also, hotties could be secondarily defined as anyone who has looks that creates sexual tension. Comparatively, being attractive could mean just that, but in today’s modern world just about anyone could be attractive. Being attractive means just that: making people want to be around you, either for sexual gain, relationship gain, or just in general.

Just because you're a big person doesn't mean you're not attractive and it also doesn't mean there won't be people out there that won't consider you hot. I'm not trying to shoot anyone down but rather, I'm trying to help promote positive thoughts on the matter. If you take care of yourself, you will be considered very attractive, no matter what you think about your body size. You could be very small or, plus size, but there are no disadvantages to either. Of course, there are weight differences, but in my personal opinion, and with the social evidence of many around my area, if you take care of your physical appearance and personal hygiene well, there won't be a noticeable difference in the performance of different body compositions.

A man trying different beards with different facial appearances.
A man trying different beards with different facial appearances.

Why people aren't exactly wrong

Although a lot of people will argue that personality is more attractive, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. However, it is a mistake to believe personality is all that matters, as I have met a lot of people giving me their input on why looks don’t mean anything. Rather, what they should be saying is personality plays the major role in dating. I’ve noticed a trend relating the attractiveness in appearance of both men and women to the probability of them being in a pretty successful and loyal relationship. Of course, being physically attractive usually means being pretty emotionally and psychologically sane. However, let us, for the duration of this article, remove the psychology vs. physiology discussion and, rather, focus on the connection between being attractive and not being single. Why are the attractive ones taken while most of the self-defined unattractive people aren’t? How is this so? The aims is to actually not answer this question, but rather, just stir some questions to think about. There are just way too many complicated interconnections between everything. If you still don’t understand what I mean by that, take into account that humans are just way too complicated as it is. If you are hungry, for example, you don’t just look at something and eat it. Rather, you think about it. You ask yourself, “does that look appetizing enough for me to want to eat it? Does it look like it tastes good? Does it have good presentation? Does it not look like garbage, and in comparison to what I cook at home, do I still want to eat it?” Maybe one or more of those questions you would never ask yourself when you go to a restaurant, but more so, it’s the same thought process when you see someone for the first time. You check them out. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but yes. You will always be checked out, but not for the reasons that you believe. It’s just the way it works, and it’s wrong to tell yourself or to tell others that nobody will check you out because in fact, yes, everyone and anyone will check you out. They are constantly checking you out in order to judge your suitability. Personality, looks, interests, aspirations, goals, etc. Those are all very few topics of many that will stir up a lot of controversy and/or interest in people when they meet you. Of course, as the aims of this article are to focus on personality vs. looks in dating, let us stick to that and go on to some more explanations.

Unfortunately, poorly hygienic people are said to be fairly unattractive, and this statement is not false at all. I want to make this clear to everyone: you definitely want to look at your best and sometimes it doesn’t take too much effort at all. Simply fixing your hair or cutting your nails is one act of proper personal hygiene, but you also have to trim your facial hair and brush your teeth. Make yourself look good. If you find anything embarrassing on your face that could make someone tell themselves, “ew, this person looks disgusting here or there,” or “that’s a huge zit that you have. Maybe you don’t shower,” you need to find a way to solutionize that. The aims of personal hygiene is to make yourself, once again, look appealing and attractive.

Needless to say, although I’m not advocating the idea that one or the other is better, I am promoting the thought process of understanding why it’s a mistake, or even a big blunder, to assume one is better than the other because, in all honesty, the relationship between the two is fairly simple: how you look will matter in first impressions and may improve or worsen your quality of relationships, and your personality will help determine whether or not you will keep a person’s interest, whether it be long-term or short-term -- or even for one night. The relationships between the two help define who you are as a person at that designated time. By understanding this relationship, you will achieve better success in understanding personality and looks while maintaining a better dating game.

A beautiful couple.
A beautiful couple.

© 2017 Fernando Gonzalez


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    • fer-nie profile imageAUTHOR

      Fernando Gonzalez 

      10 months ago from Riverside County, CA

      Your comment is very interesting and I respect it. I do have a more lenient approach, however, to dating. It has never been about looks for me.

      Either way, I feel this article may be somewhat outdated as it was the first one I threw out there just for the experimentation.

      Thank you for your input.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      10 months ago

      "...let’s point out the fact that the majority of people are not ugly. In fact, they are all very beautiful." - Not true!

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      Most people are considered "average looking".

      Matter of fact "drop dead gorgeous" people are the exception!

      When think of someone as being "beautiful" I mean they stand out from the rest of the crowd. Essentially when they walk into a room they light it up. You can't help but notice.

      Having said that (personality) is most important for (sustaining) any relationship. However beauty or their attractiveness is usually the initial impetus that causes us to want to go out with someone or have sex with them.

      Very few people pursue relationships with those (they) consider to be "ugly" or unattractive. That's just life!

      Almost everyone has their own 1-10 rating system for others.

      However sometimes it's because of one's personality that causes us to "raise their score" in our eyes. It's purely mental though.

      The world is filled with a lot of 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s. (Average folks)

      When you see (9s and 10s) it usually blows you away!

      They are exceptionally good looking.


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