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The Romantic Scenic Drive

Updated on April 11, 2013

Romantic rides have been around since the horse and buggy. Young couples would pack a picnic lunch and take a day to see the sights. Of course with the automobile it does not take the whole day to reach scenic vistas. And, while romantic rides are most often taken by young couples, even older married couples can enjoy a romantic tour of the countryside.

So, how do you plan your romantic tour? The most obvious component of a romantic ride is enjoying the scenic vistas. So choose a route that includes visuals that will appeal to your significant other. This could be anything from leafy canopies and sunsets to architectural marvels and city lights. Just remember the key to planning any romantic event: putting your significant other's desires before your own.

Besides the visual appear, you should also consider distance and timing when planning your route. You want to be certain that you will have enough time to reach your destination without having to rush. The purpose of a romantic ride is to enjoy the journey not rush to a destination. (There is one exception that will be discussed later.) Timing is particularly important if you are planning to look down on the city lights or view the sunset together. Also, if your trip is happening during a regular meal time then you may want to pack snacks or plan a stop for food along the way.

If you are packing food, think romantic picnic. Finger foods are a good choice. Stash a few goodies in an ice chest in the back seat. Then you can either stop along the way and snuggle together on your blanket or snack as you drive down the road-depending on your desires and plans.

Another component of a romantic ride to consider is mood music. Bring along some romantic CDs. It is true that you can find romantic music on the radio station, but you don't want to be interrupted by a commercial break. Also, it is best to have your CDs already loaded and ready to play so that you don't have to worry about fiddling with the music while driving.

However, the most important aspect of planning a romantic trip is considering your significant other's love language. I will address each one separately; however, a person usually has more than just one love language. Moreover, these ideas can easily be mixed into one romantic trip.

Acts of service refers to your willingness to perform simple day to day tasks for your significant other that they would normal perform for themselves. While on a drive this would include doing the driving, opening the door for them, adjusting their seat properly. Perhaps they had some errands they had to run, you could offer to do the driving for them and make a day of it. By including a stop for a romantic lunch you can turn a day of errands into a romantic trip.

Gifts, as a love language, refers your willingness to take time out of your day to purchase or make little surprises for your significant other. So to incorporate gifts into your romantic drive you could have a surprise waiting in the glove box. Or, perhaps you significant other is a collector. Find a store that caters to her hobby that she has not visited before. Take her on a drive to the store and surprise her with an addition to her collection.

If physical touch is your significant other's love language then hold her hand. If you are not doing the driving massage her shoulders, or, if you are, stop along the way and massage her shoulders. Any gentle little touch that says you are thinking about her and you care would speak of your love to her.

If quality time is your significant other's love language than the romantic drive is the perfect date. It gets the two of you off alone with nothing but each other to focus on. This being said do not bring your cell phone or at least turn it off.

Words of affirmation also pairs nicely with a romantic drive. Instead of listening to romantic music, spend the drive telling your significant other all the things you appreciate and admire about him.

Now, because it can sometimes be difficult to put written ideas into action I'll tell you a little story to help you out.

John wanted to do something nice for his wife, Susan. Now, John had the day off, but Susan did not. However, John was not going to let this deter him.

So, knowing that his wife's love languages were acts of service and quality time, John got up with his wife and made her breakfast before driving her to work. Then John sat down to plan the perfect romantic drive for his wife. Looking at the map he knew that even with traffic they should be able to reach the outlook in plenty of time to enjoy the sunset together.

Next, he made out a grocery list for the picnic dinner he was planning for his wife. He needed champagne, some cheese and crackers and a little salami, as well as the spinach and artichoke dip his wife loved so well. He also needed some strawberries, tangerines, apples and whipped cream. For the finishing touches he grabbed a box of expensive truffles and a bouquet of flowers.

Once home he got out the picnic basket his wife kept in the pantry and began to pack: plates, champagne glasses, napkins. Then he cut up the fruit and the cheese and salami before packing all the food.

Next, he washed the car, vacuumed the seats and washed the windows. He put a CD of romantic jazz music that Susan liked into the player. And made sure his wife's seat was adjusted properly.

Then he put the picnic basket and a couple of blankets in the back seat and went to pick up his wife. Instead of waiting at the curb, he went into the building to tell Susan he was there. He held the doors open for her on the way down to the car, and he opened the car door for her when the reached the curb.

John drove them to the lookout, and they spent a wonderful evening together snuggled up on a blanket looking out at the sunset. Susan was surprised and please that John went to all that effort just for her. John was well rewarded for his efforts.

What scenery do you enjoy on your romantic drive?

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