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The best love story Rose that was never delivered

Updated on May 17, 2015

Almost Lost Her

I woke up on an afternoon gloomy and startled. I had failed at redemption of the person I most cherished. It started the night before when I heard a rumor from a close friend. That was never verified. I had been with and spent years and months, and loved this girl, but took her home yelling obscenities, and going back home. I couldn’t hardly sleep, and I wish she knew how bad I felt. Luckily the next morning she did not accept my apology yet, but give me the chance to pick her up at work. I fell asleep, and when I woke it was too late . My alarm clock never woke me.

When I contacted her she was furious. I was disappointed and felt I betrayed her, and didn’t know what to do. I had failed her, and just wanted to give her the world, but she wanted space. It was a Sunday, so I let her be, and went with my friends arrogantly to watch football at buffalo wild wings. She was all I could think about . Making her feel better was the only focus I had thought about football was nothing more than a blur in the background. She wanted her space, because I had ruined her day and she knew as I did she was better.

I went home unluckily just had gotten my nerve pill prescription. She still wanted her space. She advised me she was going to stay home, and help her mom clean. That wasn’t acceptable I knew I had to regain her spirits. Against my hardheaded approaches I couldn’t hold myself from being the asshole that I was. I took two of my friends. I had to make her feel better. On the way I stopped and got a rose and chocolates that doesn’t come close to the severity of how bad . how deep I needed to apologize she has been the closest love I ever encountered..

I walked in 45 minutes after talking to her. I was to late her brother who I confide in deeply. Told me she left with friends, and got dressed, and was sitting with another man leaving.

She was supposed to be there. I was suppose to fulfill my apology which ate at me. Just like my despair, and paranoia and in considerability ate at her.

I left went home eating Xanax by Xanax begging to talk to my future wife. Her friend said she didn’t want to talk. I already knew by the lie of her not being at her moms, but if she only knew how I felt I just wanted her to know. I was late 2 to many times.

I don’t remember much past this point. I called and threatened her friends family if I couldn’t speak with her . To the point of the police getting involved. I vaguely remember driving by her friends angry , and ready to find the douchebag there, and I turned 2 blocks before her friends. My friend with me was ready for violence. I was so frustrated the woman I love was with another man and wouldn’t let me tell her my feelings. She had no idea how much I wanted to apologize for my actions, and now she wont speak with me, and has a very good chance at being infidel. Witnesses boy and girl agreed.

I got into a fender bender went to a bar where no one understood me. Drank whiskey like I was heading for a whiskey lallibue. I never talked to her

I woke up on a friends couch clueless. Slandered on social media as a crazy person. All I wanted was to tell her I loved her, and try to truly make her realize how I felt. I just ended up in a haze severely embarrassed to people I barely knew, The girl I loved was blocked, and I was single. I will never know what she did that night. I just know she drank vodka wouldn’t talk to me, and was dolled up with a guy. Creating a barrier that would last most of the fall. I found the rose later and ripped it to shreds. Now apologizing for my crude actions towards the circumstantial evidence she presented of infedility ….

We ended up single for over 3 months then. eventually getting back on track and presently engaged, and having a baby girl , and I thank god that we both realized what was meant to be

© 2015 SY Wilson


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