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The Secret Power of Lingerie For Men

Updated on October 14, 2009

Power is a fascinating subject, at least in my opinion. There are so many different types of power including political power, physical power and inner power. Of the three, I think inner power is probably the most lauded and yet also the least utilized in the modern world. Inner power isn't about affirmations, following the 'law of attraction', or investing in a package of purifying protons to cleanse your aura. No, inner power is about discovering that which lies within, or rather, discovering the many possibilities which lie within. How is this related to men who wear lingerie? Well, I think it can be related in two ways.

In the first fashion, the wearing of lingerie by a man can be suggestive of two different types of power games. He may wear lingerie because in feeling feminine he taps into that deep, dark, mysterious female power which was so reviled by the Roman and Greek pantheons and has remained such for most of our modern history.

Alternatively, he may wear lingerie in order to experience a lack of power. Some men associate femininity with weakness, and the wearing of lingerie with a type of neutering. (Admittedly, some men wear lingerie just because they like the look and feel, but they're not the ones I am addressing directly here, so if that is you, feel free to disregard this and go roll around in a pool of satin, silk and lace.)

So, are you gaining power or losing power when you put on your lingerie and ladies garments? Are you giving up a part of yourself in subservience to another? Or are you tapping into a side of yourself which exists away from the logic and the light and the air, the deep mysteries which flutter about you, unknown and unknowable, the source of legend and myth, the deep creativity which pushes us all onwards when rationality fails us.

Putting on lingerie is like putting on a mask, it transforms the wearer into something else, something he wishes he was, or something he knows himself to be on the inside, but which is woefully not expressed on the outside.

You could even say that there is a spirituality to lingerie. Not in a religious sense, or a new age way and sure as heck not in an Oprah 'Discovering your Spirit; kind of way. There is a spirituality in the way that wearing lingerie and women's clothing tears at the physical veil and goes beyond that obviousness to the much more fluid and exciting worlds of possibility which dwell in every man. A man's true self was not created wearing jockey Y fronts and a lumberjack's jacket, and wearing lingerie expresses a facet of himself that was once hidden.

So, what do you think? Is it time to build a church? Or just dance lingerie clad in the moonlight?


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      How about dancing in a church at night with a skylight?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Well I'm up for dancing in lingerie :P

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hope, your articles surprise me every time!

      Let's dance in the moonlight! Goooooooooo!

      (because I'm atheist and against all kinds of religion, but that's just me...)


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