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Are vegetarians sexy?Is Olivia Munn the sexiest vegetarian?-Olivia is naughty for Nature!

Updated on December 3, 2011
Olivia Munn is naughty for nature (Complex Magazine Cover).
Olivia Munn is naughty for nature (Complex Magazine Cover). | Source
PETA- Olivia combats Circus cruelty.
PETA- Olivia combats Circus cruelty.

Olivia Munn's Exclusive Interview for PETA

By Mirna Santana

Last week when I was reading a printed version of Business Week Magazine, I found a picture of a beautiful woman, I showed the picture to my housemate and asked who is she? In a second there was a response "you don't know her? She is Olivia Munn!" In the next half hour I was introduced to this TV personality, actress and apparently every man's dreamed woman. I was informed that she is a favorite of the geek men. I decided to write an article for my friends, who are I would say in that group.

She is so perfect my friends said. She is great. She is sexy. She is naughty. She is funny. She is witty. Oh really? I asked again. Yes, yes...more videos to show me the point. I agree she is funny and quite attractive. She has traveled a lot, a plus for cultural understanding and she appears to be nice. I give her extra points for posing bare skin for animal welfare (PETA). She speaks like a normal person--and I found out that she reads the NY Times, does that help? I asked. That is good, they said, because some of them do not stand, the silly woman that behaves like a little girl trapped in an adult woman body. So Olivia Munn apparently passes all the tests.

How was she catapulted to fame? The magazine shows a graph of the events. The list includes the nude picture for PETA; jumping over a giant cake dressed in a French maid custom; appearing in the daily show; but it was the G4 show--and the sense of humor displayed with cohost Kevin Pereira--in the Attack of the show that captivated her audience. Of course things like eating a hot dog covered with mustard in her show-- and pictures in Maxim, playboy and other more interesting magazines may have helped a bit. She also played a role in Iron Man 2. In addition she has a blog, Facebook, and Twitter account where she connects to her computer minded audience.

Now after my friends had demonstrated that she is the woman (not "a chick" PETA take note). [PETA's campaigns highlight women buns, and call women chick-- I didn't see that type of qualifications in the males advertising (?)] Anyways, Olivia is the woman many men dreamed of.

I am not part of PETA. I consider them a bit radical, yet animals do need a voice--and they provide one that humans understand. In fact, I tend to agree with Alice Walker when she says "animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored." That is the main problem of society, their inability to listen to others voices or to believe that humans are the owners of the rest of the world. Paul Harvey, said it well has it "ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don't vote." I am not speaking for PETA--or even Olivia, who I really don't know, but for the animals, I do speak. What does this has to do with Olivia?--everything, she surely stripped for them. It takes some courage to take such a strong stand for animals and even for oneself.

Animals have been known to take a stand for us too. Josh Billing an America humorist said that "a dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than it loves itself." In fact, there are plenty of stories, not only of dogs, but also dolphins, cats, horses, and wild animals that have saved human lives even giving their own lives in the process. The only thing we can do is to take care of them and speak on their behalf. In a way, we need to be their translators. Albert Schweitzer said "think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight."

Do you wonder...What is an elephant doing in the middle of a city? Is it there to amuse us--the public that care to see the circus? Can we find other forms of amusement that do not compromise the well being of other species? Animals do have rights. What some people do to them is not acceptable.There is no need to subject animals to long confined trips, to exclude them from their families, or to expose them to the dangers of the trade system. Neither is it to mistreat or abuse them. Is all these suffering necessary for the amusement of a few people?

Olivia Munn was moved by a video that showed how elephants were being treated in circuses. She thus got involved as an activist against the mistreatment of animals by participating as a model for PETA's campaign. In the interview with PETA (see video here) she asked people to act and to be proactive getting the message out. She asked people to stop supporting circuses; to stop buying dogs (get the from shelters); and to stop buying fur--those are some of the issues PETA has promoted over the years.

I understand while Olivia and many others have posed naked for PETA ads. It is not that strange. Many vegans and vegetarians have concerns regarding animal welfare (as many non-vegetarians do at a different level). PETA models and volunteers are rising awareness about the pain inflicted upon animals. A nude picture is really impressive. Yet, it shall not surprise us, because, it shows a human as a mammal, as the naked ape it is.

After all the human animal is a naked ape. Most humans are ashamed of showing their bodies because of societal rules. Olivia does not have such constrains. I am sure the guys are happy for that too.

Olivia Munn is not the only sexy one posing for animal welfare. You could do it too. Right now there is a contest at the PETA website. They are seeking your help to select the sexiest vegetarian next door neighbor. Go and check it...your attractive neighbor maybe be in the contest (males and females contestants). Follow the links below...And even if you are not vegetarian or vegan or you don't think you can pose naked like Olivia Munn--please know that without being involved in an organization like PETA, you could rise your voice for animals. An action that is worth a million stars is to teach a kid to be gentle and kind to animals. Animals do recognize people who are animal lovers--and for that sometimes no words are needed.

PS. I dedicate this article to all the people who give a voice to animals.

PS2. Do you know that you can now buy stamps with the faces of famous vegetarians at


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    • profile image

      Jenny 4 years ago

      "That is good, they said, because some of them do not stand, the silly woman that behaves like a little girl trapped in an adult woman body."

      Really? Apparently, even when it's an article about a woman, one can't escape people belittling other women. There are enough men to put women down; do we need to do it too? Can we, women, realize these are tropes and we've all been indoctrinated subtly to hate ourselves and other women? Come on, if you don't give your fellow women a break, who will?!

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      I have switched to vegan food for ethical reasons. I do not know if I can be call "animalist".

      I am aware that humans eat meat since ever and use animals for clothing and for work since since time immemorial, but today we have lost what every being deserve: the RESPECT. This is the thing that makes me suffer.

      Thanks for sharing this page.

    • MSantana profile image

      MSantana 6 years ago from Madison Wisconsin

      Thank you Fay. Yes some people turn vegetarians to lose weight. Many others do it for the planet resources or animals.

      In reality when you look at the food we eat most of it comes from plants switching is not that dramatic.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      I wish I had the constitution to be a vegetarian. But to thine ownself be true...I like bacon too much,:) Another hubber, I believe Ashantina has had a couple of hubs about women in their sixties and seventies who are so fit and beautiful it makes me want to spit. They are both vegetarians. up/useful