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Signs of True Love

Updated on November 17, 2012

The Signs of True Love - How to know that it is the real thing?

Everybody loves to be loved and not just by anyone but by a special person in your life.

Love can bring a lifetime's worth of healing. The tender affection that love brings has a way of encircling everything.

Every relationship goes through highs and lows. That's just the way that love is. It takes you away into forgetfulness and keeps you wanting more.

The question many of us will ask is “How do I know that this is the real thing?” You can tell that the love is real by watching out for these signs.


There is usually deep and profound connection between you and your partner. It doesn't matter where they are or what they do, the connection in you should even help you avoid hurting your partner even when they are not there.

Body, soul and mind should always be respected and appreciated. This is a very important true love sign in a relationship.

Some people never fall in love except when they want what you have and that is not love. Your partner should be interested in your well- being and should respect you, your body, your suggestions, thoughts and everything about you.

He or she should involve himself in all that you do and contribute fully

Love should stand up for you whenever there is any trouble.

This true love sign is important because problems and trouble often put us down and it is at times like these when you get to know if one loves you. If you tell them of the difficulties that you are going through and they tend to just ignore or avoid you and then show up later when the problem is solved, be careful.

Love forgives and does not keep records of wrong doing.

When you do something wrong and he or she doesn't forgive or keep remembering, that is not love. True love forgives and does not remind you of past mistakes any other time go wrong.

Keeping promises and carrying out your plans as arranged before also shows that your partner loves you. When each time you plan something and then an excuse comes up could show that your partner is not fully committed to that relationship and considers other things more important than you.

Being comfortable with each other no matter what others say or do.

Family and friends usually interfere with relationships and at most times people give in to their demands and break relationships. In this case, it means your partner does not consider you as important and is not confident with your presence in their lives, therefore listens to people's advice. Just walk out of that relationship because you will always be second.

You are always welcomed in your lover's company.

This is a true love sign that will tell you if your partner is proud to have you or not. When he or she is with friends and tells you not to join them then know they don't love you for you. Sharing is open, honest and without hesitation.

Attention and awareness should be freely given.

There should be a mutual respect in the relationship. A relationship that is one-sided is usually a burden to the person giving in and therefore both of you must give fully into the relationship and gain equally so that both parties enjoy the union. There should be a 'WE' factor in your lover's memory. This true love sign is important because your partner should always include you in his or her every plan.

Gifts and surprises.

Your lover should treat you to surprises and gifts to show that they always think of you. He or she should also take you to a place they know you love or enjoy and buy you something that you love. This shows that they know you well and respect you.


Your lover should not compare you with anyone. He or she should love you for who you are and be able to live with your weaknesses and strength.

The words 'I love you' should be easy to say when other words fail. These words usually perform some magic in somebody's life and your lover should never deprive you of them.

Watch out for these real love signs and when you see or feel them; you will be sure you are in a safe relationship.

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    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 4 years ago from Oregon

      I think one of the interesting things it is always different for every couple as I have heard it explained a hundred different ways, but what is great is when you do find that one special person it is just right.