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FAMILY, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP: The Stages Of Love In A Relationship

Updated on September 15, 2016

The Meeting

We meet our love through friends, neighbors or social networking sites especially dating sites. Now, you found your love and decided to meet up and have several dates to know each other. Not really love at first sight, or love at first conversation of course. At first, we are dealing with the person whom we don't know but we like because of the physical attraction, behavior or sweetness in conversation, being witty, or having an emotional feelings.

The first meeting is a first date outside like meet ups when you are talking on dating sites or introduced by common friends when you have outing and jamming at the bars, or greetings outside your nearby house when you go jogging or shopping.

During this stage, you observe the behavior of the person you met. You are asking yourself if she/he likes you too. You are asking yourself if you will like him/her after this stage. You decide if you don't want seeing him/her again after this or you hope to see him/her again after this meeting.

It will take slowly of course so that you will not be mistaken about your real intention or feelings about that person you met until you decide to move on to the next stage.

The Dating

So you are decided now that you want to meet her/him again.

Let us say that you decide to know the person you like now. You are eager to know him/her better.

In this stage, the first action is sending message to the person you like to have a meet up again. You will send a message or give a call to ask how she/he is doing. You will ask if she/he is okay to go out again to meet you and have fun outside or to eat lunch/dinner together during weekends or to ask if the person is not busy at work.

Let us say both of you are decided to know each other better because you two like each other. This is the stage of dating each other. You will go out as often as you want especially during weekends to watch movie together, to have dinner or to go outing together with friends. Both of you are happy in the company of each other. You know the person slowly but surely because of this stage. The behavior, the likes and wants, and the intention why you two are together again and again.

In this stage, you will know each other personally.

The Courting

So you are very much sure that you like him/her to be with you and you have feelings already that he /she is a special person in your heart.

In this stage, the guy is the person who do courtship because even the woman likes the man very much, she can not court the guy. She only can reveal her feelings about him but not sending him flowers and chocolates.

Actually, this is the the most sweet part of love. The revealing of feelings between the two persons in-love.

Here, the guy will show affection to the girl. Drive her to school/work and fetch her to send her back home. Ask her to date him exclusively and regularly. He will send flowers, chocolates or any gifts to her with special notes about love even without occasions to show that he is in love with her.

The girl will allow him to do that and accept all the gifts from the guy to show him that she likes him too or to show respect to him. This is the stage where the guy will reveal his feelings to her and ask her if she can be his girl. She will acknowledge that and answer him honestly from the bottom of her heart. If she is not in-love with him, she will turn him down nicely. This is the end of his stage and he needs to move on and be back to the first stage again with another girl. Same with the girl too, actually both of them will go back on the first stage.

But if she is also in-love with him, she will answer the sweetest word for men, the 'YES'! and both of them will move to the next level.

The Honeymoon Stage

In this stage, the two persons are decided to be together to explore more and know each other deeply.

Both of them want to please each other to make them happy. They will become as happy as newly wed couples. They will decide together and think of many ways to be happy together.

The guy will do everything to make her happy. He is more excited than before. He is always happy to see her smiling and more than willing to do everything she says.

The girl will do the same. She will do everything to please him. She will be sweeter than before, act strange and happy just to see him.

They exchange gifts together and treasure all the memories together. They will go to the places they never been before. They will act like a couple and show their love to each other willing to explore everything just to make each other happy. No problems, no hassles, stay stronger and live to the fullest.

This is the happy part of the relationship!

The Fighting

In this stage, the couple will experience misunderstandings, jealousy, curiosity, doubts and uncomfortable feelings in the relationship.

Many reasons why the couple are fighting. The trust with each other starting to loose. All depends with the situation. Sometimes, people believe that this stage is only a trial that they need to surpass so that they can go to the next stage of their relationship. This is the time where both of them decide for their happiness.

If the couple are fighting because of simple matters and they don't know how to handle that situation, obviously they are not ready to move to the next level. Let us say, they are not mature yet to handle the relationship.

If the couple know how to handle the simple conflicts but, they still face bigger problems in relationship like cheating or family problems. And in this situation, they can not handle it and can not survive, obviously they are not meant to be.

If the couple experiencing behavior problems of the partner because after long years been together you discovered some bad sides of your partner you can not take anymore, you will move to the next level.

Sometimes, because of routine the couple became bored in the relationship and they commit mistakes that lead to the misunderstandings and fighting. That means, they are about to go to the next level.

This is the stage of cry and heartaches. This is the basis why you need to go to the next level to achieve what you are seeking for in your life.

The Decision

This is the stage that both of you decide which way you wanna take to be happy in your life. Life is too short to waste it and finding the right person is the only way for happiness if you decide to have a partner in life.

The decision is the tricky part of love. Here, the couple should decide which is which. There are two ways to go to the next and final stage.

First way, if the two persons can not understand each other and not happy anymore to stay longer together because they are just hurting each other, they should both decide to end the relationship and wishing happiness to each other, that is the stage of The Break Up. After this stage, they will go immediately to the next stage which is The Healing. Then, after moving on and ready to face life again, they will go back to the first stage of love cycle where they need to meet again another person.

Second way, if the couple wants to survive in the fighting stage and wants to continue the relationship they will go to the next stage which is The Trial. If they can not survive in the trial period, they decide to go to the First way stated above. But if they survive The Trial stage then, that's the end of the agony, they decide to be together forever and willing to accept the weaknesses of each other, they will decide to move to the best stage of love. And that's the last stage: The Wedding.

It is all up to the couple how they handle relationship. I just want to show how love rotates in our life. Some people meet the wrong person that is why they need to take and repeat the stages of love again and again until you reach the last destination. It is just like taking an examination, if you are failed, you need to move on and take the examination again. Anyways, after hardship there is always happiness at the end and we will surely reach the success we are looking for if you will not stop in your journey. Live your life to the fullest, make it meanigful and take care of yourself. Don't be sad and be happy.


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for that...

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Impressive hub. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.