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The Start of a Broken Heart

Updated on April 9, 2012

And to think that life was complete. Always to blame with words that never were spoken. It's life waking up to a bad dream when in reality it was from a life once lived. To think for one moment I was loved, but yet hated for a life of regrets. Why is it OK to bash me in from of people and say it is my fault. Do you resent me so much you have to lie about things that were said. Or do you feel better about yourself with the shame and guilt that you have given me. Is it not enough for you. Do I have to hate myself even more for you to win? I pray that god will will come and take me away from this misery. But when he does you shine a new light for me to follow. Again, trapped but no one else to blame but myself. I dream of something better and their you are swooping me off my feet but only ong enough for me to realize life has stopped. No happiness, but a life lost. You ask me reasons, when the reason is you. It is you who no longer used logic but the logic of someone who is only to please themselves. What about me? Do I not deserve to be pleased as well? Or am I just a figment of your imagination that you like to torment. Someone who is easy enough to blame for your own mistakes. You say words that makes a person so down they'd rather sulk in tears of blood than turning the next page in hopes of a better tomorrow. Because they know a better tomorrow will never come. If I ran would I be any less of a person. Would you realize what you have lost if I left? Gone because nothing else matters anymore. Would you regret all the pain and guilt you have given me. Would you let me go or live the rest of your life trying to win back what once made you happy and whole. Or would you turn your back and pretend it never was? I love you but there is no love left for me.


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