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The Systemic Bias of the New Jersey Family Court System By Michael Volpe

Updated on October 30, 2015

The Systemic Bias of the New Jersey Family Court System

By Michael Volpe

There is systemic bias in New Jersey’s family court system and a group of mothers say they won’t remain silent any longer. The newly formed Mothers Civil Liberties Union (MCLU) is planning on holding a rally in front of the Monmouth County Courthouse on October 30, 2015, to protest against the sex-based discrimination in the New Jersey family court system against mothers.

“One of the first events we decided to organize was the rally both in Monmouth County and in Bergen County at the courthouses,” said Rachel Alintoff, Director of MCLU. “The corruption in both these counties is staggering, filled with racketeering and collusion. Tamara Seidle was murdered by her ex-husband due in part, to the gross animus against women in Monmouth County Courthouse. She was not given protection by the family courts. The justice system failed her and her nine children who are now left without a loving mother.”

Alintoff is a lead plaintiff in a federal law suit against the Monmouth County Family Court system. Alintoff made headlines in the summer when she interrupted an event with Governor Chris Christie to serve the governor with papers related to the lawsuit.

“In my case, Judge Linda Grasso Jones has acted outside her judicial immunity by violating my civil rights, Federal ADA laws concerning my son, Federal bankruptcy laws and annihilated my Constitutional rights.” Alintoff said of her case. “I have been trapped and enslaved by the Monmouth County Courthouse for years where Judge Grasso Jones continues to issue illegal orders against me. My ex is held to a completely different standard than me. It appears that my ex who is a wealthy commodities trader, has paid off the judge.

“My son was ripped from a loving mother and primary caregiver because Judge Grasso Jones cares more about protecting Bryan Alintoff’s money than protecting the welfare of my young autistic son. This was also the case with Judge Justus in Monmouth County Courthouse who was more interested in protecting the career of police officer Philip Seidle than in protecting the beautiful life of Tamara Seidle. Monmouth County has blood on their hands and the public needs to know about it.”

“Family Court is a RICO Enterprise. The family courts are quasi-criminal operating under the guise of being civil courts. The procedural protections are not there. Parents enter the court system unknowing that a Mack truck is about to run them over. We want the parents to reach out to us prior to entering this atrocity. This is Kids for Cash,” said MCLU Executive Director Karin Wolf.

Wolf of nearby Bergen County New Jersey became a trendsetter when she filed a civil RICO lawsuit against the Bergen County Family Court system. That lawsuit also named Christie as a defendant.

Wolf’s lawsuit is being refiled as a class-action lawsuit with Alintoff, Susan Skipp (whose family court case in CT is infamous), and over 200 mothers and children similarly situated, now naming the State of Connecticut and other states as defendants.

“I have not seen or spoken to my two children, Daniel and Gretchen, in 1½ years because my ex employed gun-for-hire Dr. Judith Brown Greif and Bergen County Court Judge Gerald C. Escala, known for foreclosure fraud and having taken a bribe in the Denike v. Cupo case. The Bergen Court dismissed my attorney literally 15 minutes before trial began, and refused to let me present witnesses and hard evidence of child abuse by my ex.” Wolf said. Originally, I was granted a fault-based divorce for domestic violence under N.J.S.A. 2A:34-2(c) Extreme Cruelty, against Edward Crane. However he sought revenge for leaving him, waged a campaign of harassment against me, tortured my kids, and refused to pay proper child support.”

“Yet the court treated me like a second-class citizen because I am a woman and domestic violence survivor, and because the Christie Administration has a political agenda to satiate the bloodlust of the ‘Father’s Rights’ groups. There is cottage industry racket here perpetuated by overzealous disciples of Richard Gardner and his misogynistic, pseudo-scientific theories of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). He is the champion of the pedophile and the libertine. The Marquis de Sade would be proud.”

A representative from Bergen County said the court was unaware of Wolf’s lawsuit.

Bergen County’s family court system has been under tremendous fire after the reporting of Paul Nichols of the Bergen County Dispatch.

“Warning to all New Jersey mothers: Leave New Jersey with your kids and don’t give the State of New Jersey any jurisdiction in your family court case, lest you are a glutton for punishment. There is a Kafkaesque war on motherhood,” said Wolf.


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    • profile image

      victorious children 

      3 years ago

      The same can be said in Wisconsin and i bet in family court systems across this nation and globally Family court filled with "filled with racketeering and collusion"


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