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The Tastes, Aroma’s, And People From My Life . . .

Updated on June 5, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Please Know That

my summary (above) is far from complete. If it were, this hub would take (at least) six installments. The truth is, I just wanted to share (this part) of myself and show you the like’s that have helped to shape my personality. Of course, your list may be a lot different and that is fine. No one ever has identical like’s or dislike’s—that’s what makes us human.

Whether it’s a mental list or a written list on paper, we all, mostly, have formed our own lists over the years, and mostly secret for no one to see. Except this one. Honestly, I edited, wrote, and rewrote this one hub a number of times because when I finished the first draft, an entire list of new items from my life would pop-up and I did not want to disregard them . . .so at last, this list is the third one, and hopefully, the last one. (well, until my life changes and other things that I like or dislike surfaces.)

Here Are a Few of The Examples That I'm Talking About . . .

This Sound And Aroma Makes Saturday Mornings Special:

  • The aroma of bacon frying in the kitchen--as you wake-up on a Saturday morning and you have the day off.
  • Your favorite foods that you enjoy on your birthday--cooked by your favorite grandmother.
  • A gentle rain that is falling on the tin roof.
  • The love of your favorite dog or cat.
  • If you are a single guy, when a gorgeous brunette walks by and you realize that angels love to wear high heels and then you know that she has just broken your heart.
  • When you know that on your third date with this pretty girl/handsome guy, that he/she is THE ONE whom you want to love and spend your life with--and means it.

So Proud That Females Make An Important Part Of Our Military.
So Proud That Females Make An Important Part Of Our Military. | Source
  • The son or daughter has a desire to enlist for the Military.
  • When you know that that same date says, YES, to your proposal of marriage.
  • When your companion is able to look over your shortcomings . . .and loves you anyway.
  • The birth of your first, second, and third child. (and you thought that one child would be enough.)
  • The over-due visit from a special uncle or aunt, and that coming on Christmas Day.
  • Speaking of holidays, the feeling of celebrating our nation's freedom with the entire block's 4th of July Celebration.
  • When your children do not ask to go Trick or Treating, but rather ask you to drive them so they can GIVE-OUT candy, clothing, or money for a meal for the under-privileged.
  • When your child gets accepted to the college that they applied for.
  • That same child (in four years) graduates with a B.S. Degree.
  • That same child (when they were teenagers) never had a Criminal Record.

Here Is What Summer Tastes Like.
Here Is What Summer Tastes Like. | Source
  • The taste from that first taste of vanilla ice cream cone on a hot day of summer
  • The son or daughter has a desire to enlist for the Military.

  • That same son or daughter returns home after a successful tour from the Military.
  • When neighbors and friends say, "thank you for your service," to the son or daughter years after they return home.
  • When our Standing President (of the U.S.A.) passes a law when NO ONE complains or condemns him/her for the legislation.
  • When our local police and the area that they serve . . .are all in peace one with another.
  • When new neighbors are not of the same race or nationality, but you love them anyway.

May I ask you: Did any of these things touch your memories? You may leave them in my Comment Box below, because I would love to read them.


June 5, 2019_________________________________________________________

A Special Salute To Brunettes.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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    • profile image

      Ken Avery 

      18 months ago

      Bronwen/BlossomSB . . .how did you manage to write better than most literary people? Easy. Your hubs portray a sense of realism mixed with a touch of sweet fantasy--and helps readers (like me) to really understand your work.

      I meant what I said.

      Write me anyway.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      18 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      Well, a literary writer?? However did I manage to spell 'write' as 'right'?

    • profile image

      Ken Avery 

      18 months ago

      Hi, Mr. Happy -- as usual, I LOVE your comments and I can sense such a high I.Q. and dynamic sense of humor in your words. Let me be direct: Please, I beg you, write your book and I want a copy. I will send you bucks!!!! No silver.

      72 hour hike???? Forgive me. I stand corrected. You are NOT Mr. Happy, but Clark Kent. Should I tell you who he is?

      Peace and happy days.

    • profile image

      Ken Avery 

      18 months ago

      breakfastpop . . .wow, what a moving comment. And I give you my Sincere Thank YOU for ALL of your comment. I could take a lesson from you and how you show your positive outlook,

      Write me soon.

    • profile image

      Ken Avery 

      18 months ago

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan -- you are so right. Thank you for reminded me of these items that I confess, I take for granted. I apologize. And I wanted to give you a personal compliment about your name: It sounds so much like a literary writer.


    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      18 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      Loved reading this and can relate to a lot that you right about. We have so much to be thankful for.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      18 months ago

      I enjoy and appreciate my gorgeous husband, lovely daughters, sons-in-law and four precious grands. They all light up my life. I love so many things. I write, read, do needle arts, puzzles, cook and travel. My list keeps growing and I look forward to every single day. I love your list. You are a really nice guy.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      18 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      Very interesting read!

      Indeed everybody would have a different list here. Sure, some things may be similar to some of us. Like who's the monster out there who doesn't like ice cream on that first boiling day of summer? On the other hand, as a single, celibate and abstinent creature, all those things about having your first child, or child going to university, or child not having a criminal record, all of them mean nothing to me. I do not have children and I do not wish to have children. Not that I don't like children. Children are awesome but I chose not to have any.

      "When our Standing President (of the U.S.A.) passes a law when NO ONE complains or condemns him/her for the legislation." - Has this ever happened? If it did I bet it was a law about having more access for the public to ice cream.

      "The love of your favorite dog or cat." - Ya ... sigh. This one can probably get me to tears if I dwell on it. Moving on ...

      "When new neighbors are not of the same race or nationality, but you love them anyway." - You know, I am so very lucky to say that I have always had nice neighbors. Even when I was a teenager, or in my 20s and I partied like an animal, they (different ones too) were always so nice. They put-up with a lot. I am grateful.

      "The aroma of bacon frying in the kitchen--as you wake-up on a Saturday morning and you have the day off." -This one is different for me. I definitely like the smell of bacon cooking but on any day, not just days off. Haha!! Days off I have more or less whenever I want. Bacon I just have once in a blue moon so, I really appreciate it.

      Alrighty, it's way past my bed time and I'm still recovering from a 72 mile hike in 4 days, up and down wet cliffs, through forests, on dirt and paved roads/hwys. I wish all is well on your end and thank You for your writing. Cheers!


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