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The Top Five People Dating Sites In America

Updated on August 4, 2011

The Top Five Dating Sites In America.

The Top Five Dating Sites In America
The Top Five Dating Sites In America | Source

The Top Five Dating Sites In America


The top site for dating singles is they have the largest and most diverse user base in the country. The second most popular dating site is; the site is mainly for single seeking committed relationships. The third most popular and then frustrating site to use is the  They have a large user base with most people seeking heterosexual relationships only. The fourth most popular site out of five is cut is a service called, Most of the users are from America and international persons looking for dates. The fifth dating site that is most popular with seniors 40 and over is called Senior People  This site is very popular with senior women and men looking to date around the country.


The first dating site that we will discuss is called their the largest and most used dating service in the United States to date.  One can search by the age, location, key word search, and custom search. What makes so popular is they offer the most matches and the easiest to use search tools. Match dot com has over 26,000,000 singles which makes the top dating site for web single women and men in the country they rate of five stars out of five star rating. There are usually Coupons to be found on the Internet for match dot com, so discounts can be found on their monthly, quarterly and annual memberships. is a loyal site seeking committed relationships for single men and women.  The matches are suggested on a personality test that is taken once you join their service.  There’s no searching allowed.  The bottom line with is that the site is designed for committed relationships.  There is an insightful matching system that is integrated into their dating relationship program. Currently has over 13,500,000 singles that are registered to use their service and they rate of 4 ½ out of five star ratings for online dating site.  On the Internet look for promotions for discounts on their membership fees.  One might take time to search out these promotions to save money on their monthly and quarterly membership rates.   


The is the third largest dating site for singles.  They have a large user base that seeks relationships from heterosexuals only, No gay singles allowed.  There’s no searching on this dating site and the matches are based on personality tests only.  There is an emphasis on serious relationships to be had on this dating site.  There are fewer features than other services.  There are presently over eight million singles that are registered with the site.  There are promotions on the Internet for discounts on their monthly, quarterly, annual rates.  Therefore you may want to search out coupons that they may have available for your disposal.


ZOOSK .Com is rated number four out of five for the top dating sites and they have a large user base.  They feature lots of international users as well as local nationwide dating users.  But one can search by age and the location of the other sex.  You can also do a custom search on ZOOSK .Com, which makes it handy when you just one look around.  There is presently over six million singles that are registered for the service they rate four stars out of five for best dating site in America.  There presently is no cheap coupons to be had or found on the Internet.  They usually have a monthly quarterly rate plan that you can apply for.

Senior People is the fifth largest dating site in America today.  The user base is mostly forties on up you can search by gender, age, location, and occupation.  There are other features as well which makes this site a respectable site to find an online date.  The bottom line is this is a great site for senior people.  There’s over 6,500,000 singles that are registered. This dating site rates of four of five stars for dating in America.  Therefore you might want to look around on the Internet for special promotions but as of this writing none were found.  This is one of the best sites for the mature crowd looking for that special someone.


In conclusion on the dating sites mentioned above.  There are many different options for finding that online date.  This will give you an overview of what to expect if you decide to join one of the top five sites mentioned above.  I’ve had experience with several of the above dating sites.  My preference in your preference may be different based on our ages.  All the sites mentioned are very good and very well thought of dating sites.  In my opinion they are very safe and user friendly for the new online dating person that is tired of being alone.  This is only five dating sites that I’ve focused on, there are millions out there.  If you’re just starting out in the dating sector I suggest you pick one of the above, so you don’t lose your money on bogus dating sites.


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