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The Truth Behind Valentine's Day

Updated on May 28, 2014

Feminists Bluntly Lay The Truth Bare About Valentine's Day

Female Entitlement Day

Every year on the 14th of February, men are asked to open their wallets and pay for the mere opportunity to be with someone of the “fairer” sex. Well that is according to the women in the adjacent news segment below, one of which identifies as a feminist (more on that later). Apparently I am meant to be fooled into believing that most of the money men spend on women is on lingerie or mutually enjoyed gifts and not perfume, day spas or expensive jewellery et cetera. Apparently I am encouraged to believe that the gifts men do buy women, are for men’s pleasure and a woman's wishes are not held above and before that. Riiight…There is how things actually work in reality and then there is feminist smoke and mirrors. Lets cut the fairy tale nonsense shall we. Men spend double the amount of money on women compared to the money women spend on men on Valentine's day, because of lopsided expectations, social pressures and sexist double standards placed on men. A similar disparity is also seen on Christmas and birthdays. February 14th is not Valentine's day, it is Female Entitlement Day or FED. The feminist in this news segment, made it abundantly clear that the double standard of chivalry or special sex specific privileges for women, should still be given by men. But isn't feminism about equality? Now we see the truth behind the mask of feminist lies. Equality when it's suits feminists, female privileges when it does not.

So men are expected to pay for the privilege of being in a relationship on certain days and occasions and especially on FED. That is the message from these narcissistic women on TV. Apparently according to this feminists logic on TV, women are not with their men for their character, personality or their love. No, the central tenant is cold hard cash and the deal breaker is failing to pay up. Perhaps these women have heard of the term gold digger? Although I personally prefer the word parasite, as gold digger does not do the mentality justice. These types of women are financial parasites, nothing more. If you’re a man, steer clear of them and find a real woman who will respect you and love you.

Now, what other relationship between men and women involves payment for intimacy? Oh yes, prostitution. What is the difference between a woman pressuring a man to pay double what they will spend on them for a relationship? I would say none in practical terms. None, except that prostitutes are far more honest and commensurate compensation for men is assured (well mostly). At least prostitutes are up-front about what they expect from men and men get what they pay for. For that they have my respect, unlike financial parasites. Threatening to terminate a relationship because men don’t pay up enough, is extortion and psychological abuse. If some women don’t want men to treat women like sex objects, then these women should not treat men like walking wallets. Pretty simple isn’t it? If all you offer men is sex for money and you don’t value men for who they are, then don’t expect men to treat you as a lady.

Now the woman in the show identifies as a feminist. Let’s examine her logic shall we:

  • Men and women are equal.
  • That means men should pay to be with women.
  • Gender equality means men should pay more than women.
  • Chivalry and double standards are not sexist when they benefit women at the expense of men.

That readers, is a one relatively light example of why I think modern mainstream feminism is hypocrisy and there are far worse examples I could bring up. It is really interesting how I get protests from feminists, that not all feminists are like that or NAFALT and yet these same people go completely silent, magically vanish or quietly nod when these feminist bigots vomit out this hypocrisy and attempt to normalise it on mainstream media. If you don’t want me to criticise the hypocrisy coming from your movement, then speak out against it or shut up.

Now here is my logic:

  • Men and women are equal.
  • That means men and women should treat each other as human beings.
  • Gender equality, means women should treat men as they would want to be treated and vice versa.
  • Chivalry and double standards are inherently sexist and an example of misandry and misogyny.

What we have here, is an attempt to convey a message to men and women, that putting women on a pedestal and encouraging men to be slaves is normal. That a normal healthy relationship between men and women is based on exploitation. Indeed that is exactly the conclusion of Diana Davison from her article over at AVFM, on how dating is taught to girls in modern times. Girls are being “groomed” by these cultural messages to enslave men and the self-help books and women’s magazines condition and reinforce this mindset. You really have to wonder how feminists can say men in society are privileged with a straight face, when such a widespread attitude exists in our culture and individuals like Hanna Rosin go on media circuits spruiking about “The End of Men”, as if they are products off an assembly line rather than human beings.

Men, Math And Marriage

A Long Overdue Reality Check For Men And Women

If you’re a man and you want your spine back, you need to realise two things. Firstly, catering to the every whim of women is not going to win their respect or generate a healthy functional long term relationship. Having self respect and requiring the woman you are with to treat you with a basic level of respect, is not misogyny. In fact I would suggest it is the opposite. Requiring that the woman you are with not be a (b word), helps her in the long run as well as you. People can't truly love someone they don't respect. Secondly getting legally married in our modern society is an enormous risk for men and is set up to enable parasites to exploit you. It is best avoided. I want men and women who disagree with those two snippets of advice, to have a look at the adjacent video and then visit my article on the marriage strike linked here. Carefully vetting the woman you want to be in a relationship with, requiring mutual respect and carefully choosing the manner in which you settle down with them, could literally save your life if you are a man and if not, your livelihood.

Some Advice From Dr. Paul, My Favourite Self-Help Guru

If you are the type of woman who thinks the world revolves around you, I seriously recommend you check out the response left by an individual called “Katsuni”, in the commentary feed below Diana’s article. Indeed I remember reading an account by one woman in her 50s, which pretty much mirrored what Katsuni wrote word for word. Women like that eventually end up crashing back down to reality from their pedestal in their 40s and 50s and then spend the rest of their life alone, lamenting over what could have been. So stop reading the self-serving garbage these dating guru's and authors are feeding you and unplug. Watch the adjacent video and realise that you are being played for a fool. Female entitlement mentality as Miranda Devine from the Herald Sun put it, does not help women and neither do the white knight men that enable it.

The bottom line.

If you are a man and you want a relationship with a woman, choose carefully and avoid getting legally married.


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