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The Ultimate Power of Intimate Love

Updated on July 21, 2011

I may not be the greatest writer, I may not be the best as a musician, I may not know how to bake a cake nor do only one thing at a time; however, I have found such amazingly powerful love that words alone (as they say) are petty in comparison.

What I do know is this, the power of love goes beyond all types of therapy, learning, and understanding.

It has the complete ability to heal supernaturally. Yes, I could reference the understanding in which Christ has asked to us to seek. The way he saw the world, the love he showed, and the healing that followed behind.

How many times does it speak about having love in the Bible? How not one gift is worth having without love? How if we do not love him more than anything; we, could not be his disciple?

For the longest time I have sought after the love God has for us and Jesus had. I have longed to be able to see us as Jesus saw. An unspeakable love. I truly believe I have been given a glimpse of what this love is like.

In this, I find that I can possibly understand why the healing power of God is weak in the world. Is it possible that love is all it takes? God seeking passionate love? Perhaps the reason, the true reason, in why we fail time after time with healing is due to our lack of love. It's funny how simplistically difficult that concept is.

For example, if you like something but do not love it, such as a favorite car - You may be the type of person who is ok with it getting a ding, getting dirt on it but not washing it for a few weeks, and may even drive a bit reckless from time to time; however, if you absolutely love that car, that ding is important to you, you'll be sure to wash it weekly so the paint doesn't fade nor rust, and you'll definitely drive it safely as to avoid injury.

I think that's what true love is like. If I truly love those around me, meaning everyone no matter who they are, and love God with that same passion if not more; I will care if that person has a mere scratch, I will want to know why they are happy and celebrate with them, I will cry and laugh with them. It's this passion to care immensely and make them feel as if they are the only one at that moment.

I believe if we love like that - that when someone asks for prayer for an everyday headache, we will pray with all our heart as if they had a life threatening disease and hope with all our hearts that God will vanquish that "disease" through us; I believe, with all my heart, he will come through. I have no doubt to be honest.

We as a people, no matter what you believe, need to stop doubting in the supernatural powers of God, to stop laughing at those who want people to be healed, to stop only giving 2 cents about someones headache when they ask for prayer, and love them with all our hearts.

Me personally - I'm going to stop caring about how silly I may seem when I want to pray for someone - I don't understand why I always had a problem with wanting to see God work a miracle through me if he so chooses. It seems ridiculous to me, that I always wondered why people weren't concerned about what they were thought of when offering prayer to someone in public-non-church-functions. Now, I understand... Time here is short, my soul will live forever in the kingdom, so why not make time count as much as possible?

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but perhaps all of us could use a little more love in our life? I know I could use as much as I can get. When we do wrong instead of knocking each other down, lift one another up, instead of telling someone where their faults lie, tell them which strengths you appreciate the most. As it says, when a brother falls be there for them and comfort them, but when they over-come and conquer rejoice with them! So much judgment have I had in my life towards others and myself, I don't want to live another day living a lie such as that.

We are supposed to love others as much as ourselves, then I will love myself so I can love great. Remember you are loved, you were created individually. Even if you don't believe in God - who I believe with all my heart is real - he loves you, he does think you're amazing, he wants to be your strength in the places you are weak and he wants to take all your worries away. Cheesy sounding but completely whole-heartedly true.


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