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The Vampire Slayer Part II - Calm Before The Storm

Updated on December 6, 2013

Shelly's Biggest Demons

"Why do you show up like this? I hate you for your stupid timing, Greg!" Shelly said as her knees began to shake.

Shelly's biggest demon was her emotional side.

Greg was too busy shooting to notice (or admit being guilty of) Shelly's accusations. He could immediately pinpoint the enemy, thanks to science giving him intuitive abilities. He showed up because he had dreamed of the chaos that would happen this night for weeks ahead of time.

What was sheer irony, Shelly was gifted male qualities of strength, agility and aggression while Greg became more in touch with his feminine side by reading signs of intuition and precognition.

After many hundred rounds were fired and the enemy fell back, only the hum of their two hearts beating could be heard. Greg looked over at Shelly.

"You blew it. And I'm not talking about tonight. Why can't you be here when I need you?" Shelly uttered with the last breath before he took her completely.

With one short step of his long legs, he grabbed Shelly around her waist and kissed her hard, still angry at the thought of his ammo running out. As soon as their tongues met again, they were back in their first encounter.

Her heart beat alongside his. She could feel his breath blowing heavy against the skin on her face as they found it impossible to separate their passionate locked lips. Every hardship they encountered fell wayside during their embrace. As their heat worked up beneath their skin, the chemically-induced state of superhuman strength broke down.

They were human and weak when their emotions took over. Namely, they were deeply involved with affairs of the heart, but too stubborn to admit it face to face, super-human powers or not.

The star-crossed lovers meet again.

Greg's hand drifted upward along Shelly's thigh, right up to the top of her worn-down denim jeans. He hooked his finger into the button and in one swift move, they were pulled down to just above her knees.

Shelly could feel the burn of her abdomen make its way to her loins and to her crotch, where she felt a throbbing sensation. As she felt alive with pleasure, she also felt the energy and strength of her scientifically-induced abilities drain from her body.

The end result would be a migraine and hangover, as she knew from experience. But the temporary high as a regular human was worth the aftermath. Shelly was all for living in the moment.

Greg's hand made its way inside her panties and soon became part of her body, deeply embedded in Shelly's weak spot. She could feel her eyes rolling back as ecstasy took over. Greg's knowledge of her body and finding her pleasure zone had become Shelly's private secret. She smiled every time the memory came to mind.

Her body fell back into the soft dunes of sand beneath her. His tongue tickled and teased her to elevations she'd never felt before. "Don't tease me, Greg... I want all of you!" Shelly moaned to Greg just before she grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth up to hers.

She enjoyed tasting the salty flavor as their tongues played and danced the Tango. With her eyes closed, all she could feel was Greg's warm body encompassing her own. It was so sexy to feel his weight on top of her. She wanted nothing more than for him to take her... violently, gently, but forever tonight.

They rolled along the sandy floor like a couple of hopelessly romantic teenagers. It was all so effortless, fun, enticing, sensual. Shelly felt a climax when Greg grabbed her hip and pulled her leg closer as he penetrated her deep from behind. If teenage love was all about passion for the moment, they were nothing but a pair of foolish kids seizing the moment.

Reality slaps the romance right out of the moment.

He's going to go back to her. Shelly remembered the last time she was intimate with Greg. He had a change of heart and decided to give love another chance... but not with Shelly.

With one last thrust, Greg finished and Shelly looked him straight in the eyes constantly. Before she muttered the words, he knew what she was going to say. Not because he had precognition, but because her body language had changed.

Suddenly he knew he really had failed her. Countless times. Why did Shelly keep forgiving his mistakes and taking him back? The answer was unknown to Greg and Shelly alike.

She hated him and loved him, time and time again. No matter how many times he failed as a man, as a protector and as a companion, Shelly resented Greg for caring about him regardless of his repeated mistakes.

With all of his flaws, Greg was always a bigger man than others who came through for her, even though their paths so infrequently crossed. She cared just as much about him as he did for her. They were kindred spirits who could never be together (or so fate seemed).

Greg never knew if she would slap him or hug him when he showed up. Although Shelly's palm always itched for slapping, she couldn't help but love that stupid fool. After all, he cared about her girls like they were his own. Just as she cared about his son, ditto.

She reached up toward him and delicately kissed his lower lip. He looked so innocent that night. Shelly believed that if fate wanted to make all their suffering worth it, Greg would come to his senses and stop going back to his ex.

But then, he breathed the words she knew were coming.

"I have to go. I'm sorry to end it like this."

"F--k you!" Shelly yelled just before the migraine hit and all the world around her faded to black. When she woke, Greg was gone and nowhere to be found.

Was it a dream or fantasy?

From experience, Shelly knew that history repeated itself, again and again. He'd be back and she'd be weak once again. Now, it was time to come up with a plan to build up her weakness. That weakness (for now) was Greg.

The Calm Before The Storm

Fighting the enemy in the dead of night.
Fighting the enemy in the dead of night. | Source
The calm before the storm.
The calm before the storm. | Source


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