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The Vampire Slayer Part III - New Beginnings

Updated on January 5, 2014

New Beginnings Are a Bust.

Men don't change.

Once Shelly realized that men don't change, it was much easier for her to realize that Greg wasn't going to skip on the Drama Queen and come running back into her arms. She'd been dumped before in the name of "love" and it all seemed so contrite. Greg chose someone else over her.

When their worlds collided that fateful summer night, Shelley was again faced with her feelings. Hate them as she did, they never lied. He loved her. She loved him. Why couldn't it all be simple? Why couldn't their love speak for itself and leave all other drama and chaos behind?

Because it couldn't.

Greg came to her in the dimming darkness, and saw the fear in her otherwise fearless eyes. He closed his eyes and thought deeply.

Shelly was transported into the day he and she went on a picnic with their children. Shelly's girls, Jordan and Jaden were with Brad, Greg's son. They met geese and turtles at the park he took them to. She saw Brad breaking a sweat as she thought to herself, "Touch them, and I'll kill you." She remembered how Greg stayed so far away from her physically, but their heartbeat was in symmetry.

"I didn't know you could do this," Shelly thought, knowing Greg could read her mind as she relived the day they spent in the park years ago. The next thing she knew, Greg was pulling his delicious sandwiches out of his backpack. Turkey, bacon, mayonnaise, cheese, salad, the works. Shelly had the best sandwich of her life-- and she didn't make it herself!

"I hate you, Greg," Shelly murmured in her thoughts from the present, as Greg teleported her back to years ago during their first date. She felt their closeness, through how their kids bonded, and how their minds met.... before science took over and their testing chemicals altered their human state.

Back in reality, Shelly knew that Greg was there for her on the surface but could not be relied on as a true mate. It frustrated her, especially after he shared that his love had cheated on him repeatedly. Why did he stand for it? Why did he honor a love so tainted with infidelity that Shelly couldn't comprehend why Greg was so far gone?

New Beginnings are for the Weak.

At that point, Shelly decided that new beginnings are for the weak. Greg failed her countless times. Sure, maybe he proved faithful when it came time for battle with the enemy, but in matters of the heart, he betrayed her trust, time and time again.

Time to move on.

Now that she knew Greg could transport her telepathically to times from the past, it was time to put his talent to use. How could he help their cause by finding the vampires, present and past? Shelly would have to think about it. It was a good escape from the drama of feeling about... him.

Then she remembered.

It was time to put her knowledge to the test. Every time they got intimate, Shelly (and Greg) lost their powers of invincibility. If they were subjected to similar chemicals as the vampires, wouldn't it mean they would have the same weaknesses?

So if the vampires experienced intimacy, just as Shelly and Greg had, wouldn't it make sense that they would be "powerless" when coitus happened?

Shelly thought about this and was flabbergasted. This is the key! Kill the vampires with intimacy! Once they become victims of lust, I can kill them like mere mortals...

Although Shelly wanted with every fiber of her being to save all humanity with a cure for the disease thrust upon them, it was realistic to see things for what they'd become. Some people wanted to seek help. They could be helped. Others were hopeless, waiting for their sense of entitlement to take over and destroy all of humanity.

The world needed more Shellies.

Life would go on. Day by day. Shelly lived her life as natural as possible, despite her talents. Despite having to tend to two girls who had a mind of their own. They knew of their mother's greatness. It was intimidating and inspiring at the same time.

Then Shelly's daughter was taken during the night.

No one saw it coming. No one could do a thing. Shelly had a new set of challenges, and they had nothing to do with love.

Summertime, anytime sadness.
Summertime, anytime sadness. | Source
Emotionally unavailable. Lasts forever.
Emotionally unavailable. Lasts forever. | Source
Keeping the mystery alive.
Keeping the mystery alive. | Source


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