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The Vampire Slayer Part IX: Jealousy

Updated on August 4, 2014


Reminiscing. | Source
trouble | Source

How can someone be jealous when they're already in a relationship?

How does Shelly deal with Jealousy?

In the best way possible. With sensibility.

Shelly was faced with memories of the past, and decided to choose the high road by not following through with her lustful urges. Every day, she would close her eyes and relive the precious few moments she spent with Greg.

Every smell, every touch, was like a strike of a pin engraving her heart. She could not escape the past no matter how hard she tried. It didn't help that Greg kept sending her private messages for years.

Shelly was finished with the facades and stringing along. She longed to feel loved and appreciated for who she was, her strengths that had nothing to do with the physical strength science had given her.

Then she met Gary.

Gary came into Shelly's world unexpectedly. She couldn't even remember the moment they made contact, but immediately knew they understood each other's "love language." They both studied relationships and making things work better in human affairs, so "clicking" immediately wasn't difficult for Shelly and Gary.

Before they ever met, Greg made sure Shelly knew he wouldn't approve.

"Why do I feel so jealous when I hear about you seeing other men? I mean really, Shelly, I got sick to my stomach when I heard about you and Gary," Greg told Shelly on their long phone conversation. She was taken aback.

"Uh, you're with Mary, so why are you jealous? How do you think I feel?" Shelly asked, following the end of her emotional rope.

"I get it," Greg responded. She could sense he was scared and holding back but that wasn't her concern. Shelly had finally found a man who saw her inner beauty more than her outer appearance. She couldn't wait to continue the connection.

"Sorry, Greg. I need to make the choice that is right for me," Shelly responded.

Greg missed that boat. He would have to make hard decisions and cross many bridges he had made for himself.

That wasn't Shelly's problem. She deserved happiness, too.


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