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The Vampire Slayer Part V - Storm

Updated on January 20, 2014
Calm before the storm comes to an end.
Calm before the storm comes to an end.
Shelly goes commando.
Shelly goes commando.

The past, present and future collide, during the perfect storm of events.

Just after quiet peace reigns in Shelly's world, the perfect storm reaches her shores.

During her moment of reflection, Shelly remembers her past loves, lessons and how she came to the present. Her ex, or father of her two girls, was an undiagnosed narcissist. Shelly never knew what the term meant until he'd left the three of them to pursue his own happiness with his new Shelly, but after reading about the odd behavior, she knew why men turned their backs on people who loved them.

His name is Randall, an entrepreneur, CEO, president and self-proclaimed God to his own company. His workers are his minions and best friends. No one else would put up with his arrogant humor and condescending attitude unless they depend on a paycheck from him.

When he left Shelly and the girls, no one knew much about his whereabouts, but he would drop in unexpectedly to criticize them or make sure they were miserable. If they weren't, he'd do everything in his power to contribute the maximum misery he could provide, since he didn't provide for much, financially.

The past comes to visit.

Shelly is taken by surprise when Randall pays another random visit. Not expecting any support from him, she's overly cautious for his appearance. She wonders if he could be one of the vampires, even though his smell wasn't like theirs. He stank uniquely, all on his own.

"I want to help you Shelly, but you have to start trusting me," Randall said. "You've been with the girls too long on your own, so I'm here to make it easier on you."

Naturally, Shelly's instinctive radar went off and she refused to give her girls up to his care. When she let him know it would be over her dead body that he could drive away with them, he asked that she come visit the humble accommodations he'd made just to care for them, equally.

Knowing she could kick his ass to high Heaven, Shelly takes a chance to see what Randall is up to. During their trip, several cars appear from nowhere. They circle the car he's driving and the stench of vampire flesh permeates the vehicle. It's too late.

Shelly is ambushed.

"I knew you were no good. Why would you do it? You would forsake your own children for them?" Shelly says in a somber tone.

"You're so weak, Shelly. Plus, they paid me good money for your warm body. Hope it is worth it for them." Randall stops the car and awaits the vampires to pull her from the metal casing.

But Shelly doesn't wait for the grand entrance. She knew this storm was brewing. Greg sent her a message days before about the ambush and her ex's betrayal. Although it had already happened in the past, it's a good reflection to assume the same behavior will extend in the future.

"I hate you now more than ever. I won't miss you when you burn in Hell." - Shelly to Randall before the vampires circle their car.

With her unstoppable strong legs, Shelly is able to leap several hundred feet into the air, and jump just as far in distance. It takes the will of ten Gods for her to not stay and kick all the vampire butt she can before leaving the scene, but Shelly knows this isn't the right time or place for the eye of the storm to be dealt with.

After several long leaps toward safety, Shelly begins running in the dark to find her way home. Her girls are in more danger than ever now that her father has joined the enemy and knows their location. It's a race against time to save them before Randall and his vampire entourage join forces and break through their fortress.

Shelly is nearly at the gates when another unforeseen event takes place. This one is of the pleasant nature...


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