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The Vampire Slayer Part VII: Dating the Daughter

Updated on June 27, 2014

Date night nightmare

Eyes watching.
Eyes watching. | Source

Shelly tries to stay cool in the summer heat.

What can you do when your 15 -year-old is spreading their wings?

Shelly confronts her daughter and her suitor when date night comes around.

Last time Shelly felt her urges take over, her kids were the least of her worries. But this time, the vane had changed and the wind blew in an eerie direction. She was not used to her offspring having urges just like her, so she didn't know where her maternal lines and vampire slayer duties blurred.

I'll just do what my dad would have done with me at this point, Shelly thought.

That's when Chad showed up. He was tall for his age, but when he spoke, his deep voice took Shelly aback. She wasn't expecting him to sound so "mature." Surely, where one mature hormone has kicked in, others have followed, she thought.

"Hi Chad. I heard you want to take my girl out on a date," Shelly said, her hands now firmly placed on her hips, lips slightly ajar.

"Uh, yeah. My parents will be there. She'll be safe."

His words lingered for several moments. He felt utterly uncomfortable. Shelly had a presence all her own, but now, each gesture, each sigh signaled a much deeper meaning. She was in full "momma bear mode."

Shelly walked over from where she stood so she could get a better view of Chad. Each step was like a bellowing echo from her boots treading the floor. Her hair was French braided and tight. She couldn't be more than 5 foot 6 inches, yet Chad gulped and broke a sweat as she came near.

"Safe?" she asked as she sniffed the air around him. Instantly, Chad felt about two inches tall.

"My girls are only safe with me," Shelly said as she gave Chad a blank stare.

As he swallowed, she followed his Adam's apple up and down before he took a breath to respond. "I have nothing but respect for her. I'll take care of her," he said, as a trickle of sweat rolled down his temple. It was room temperature in the family room where they talked, but he would have swore it was over 100 degrees.

Then something changed in her. Suddenly, she felt the joy that such a date would provide for her daughter, and one that she so deserved after all the hardships they'd been through as a family. Now, it was about seeing her kids happy that had new meaning that superseded her need to protect them.

"OK, Chad. I trust you. That means she'll be home by ten."

Turning a bright shade of red, Chad nodded his head and agreed to the terms. He quickly raced past Shelly, almost afraid she would strike him unexpectedly. Shelly rolled her eyes to herself and smiled. The kind that says that all's well with the world. Kids will be kids. Vampires would be slain another day, and there is some peace in the world.

Even if her peace would be short-lived.


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