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The Vampire Slayer Part VIII: Rekindling

Updated on July 24, 2014

Shelly's Achilles's tendon.

Shelly's last challenge was a run in with her 15-year-old daughter's date. But this time, romance and sappy, happy beginnings haunt her on a personal level.

The last time she met with Greg, Shelly was left sad, weak and missing his gentle embrace. She had almost forgotten him (again) while her daily obstacles distracted her best from missing the man that broke her heart repeatedly.

He was the one who reminded her every time, that she wasn't the one of his dreams.

With all her superpower strengths and good human qualities, Shelly knew her ability was beat by a woman she barely knew, but heard about, extensively. Whoever this "Mary" person was, obviously grabbed Greg's heart in a way Shelly could not. Regardless of their days together, and the messages that followed.

"I wouldn't hurt her."

Greg's words could hurt Shelly faster than a knife cutting her through the gut. Although he chose to go back to his first love, Greg decided that whatever emotions he shared with Shelly were too good to give up, even when he became engaged.

She reminisced about the time they met to learn martial arts together. Greg wanted Shelly to be prepared for the Armageddon that ensued, but she was more interested in the physical touch they would share. Every time Greg's fingers would fold around her neck or he'd pin her on the floor forcefully, Shelly felt a surge throughout her body, full of desire and lust.

"Put your hand here," Greg demonstrated as he held his palm close to Shelly's face. She still wasn't at the full effect of genetic alteration during this time, so she couldn't overpower him. But she did take a few breaths of his skin and indulge in the chemistry they shared.

Before she could make heads or tails of how she was spinning, Shelly found herself on her back with Greg's heavy breathing right above her. "You win," she told him with a smile crawling across her face.

With his large hands, he pulled her tank top strap down past her shoulder, smelling her skin and kissing the surface. The visual sent an electric shock through Shelly's body as she stayed pinned underneath Greg's 200 pounds of physical glory.

"I should take you now," Shelly smirked as Greg looked at her intently straight in the eyes. She could see hints of green around a mostly brown interior. She imagined his eyes were like a forest: Built to protect the heart, with a growth of life around the edges. If he could only break free of the fear surrounding his center.

His stare lingered and Shelly knew she was in for trouble... of the best kind. It seemed like slow-motion as Greg lowered his body and touched himself on top of her, holding her down by the wrists. He stopped when his entire weight was on top of her, breathless, Shelly whispered, "love you, stupid."

As he glanced up from his gentle kisses, Greg replied, "I love you, too, Shelly."

She closed her eyes and let her senses take over with what was happening. Greg's lips brushed against Shelly's neck up to her earlobes and then to her face. The entire time, she felt motionless, pinned under his weight and strong arms, but had no urge to fight him off.

She gave into him. Completely.

His hand glided down her bodice, as it trembled from desire. He pulled her thigh away while she let him. All she wanted was to feel him inside her. Again.

"You know it's not normal to have that much sexual chemistry right of the bat, right?" Greg asked over the phone as Shelly closed her eyes, remembering their fiery chemistry like it happened the day before.

"Yes, I know, Greg. How do you think it makes me feel to see you from afar, watching you love someone else, and wish I was the one you had your arms around?"

"I would go crazy," Greg replied.

"Exactly," Shelly muttered, still trying to compose herself from the memories of the past.


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