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The Vampire Slayer Part X: Reckoning

Updated on September 21, 2014

Time doesn't exist for two-timers.

Woman with no limits.
Woman with no limits. | Source
Moment of peace during the reckoning.
Moment of peace during the reckoning. | Source
Freedom from emotional ties.
Freedom from emotional ties. | Source

When love isn't enough.

Shelly is tired. Not physically, but spiritually. Time to let things go.

When last seen, Shelly was getting mixed messages from her ex. Why is life so hard to understand, she asks herself. She would rest her head on the pillow wondering why a man she loved so deeply would choose a woman who cheated on him. Why would he give THAT woman another chance? Nothing made sense for what Shelly pondered night after night.

Then they came.

Shelly found herself in the middle of the enemy fighting off vampires with her mere might. As soon as she slayed one body, the next was up for dismissal. She hated it. She knew that these were once people who cared about things. Why couldn't they see how wrong they were to attack the vampire slayer?

Then it all became clear.

They didn't care. Just like her ex didn't care about the consequences of his moving out during the divorce. These vampires were like narcissists: If you wondered why they behaved the way that they did, you just had to assume they were like Narcissists, devoid of emotions.

Shelly slashed the neck of one man while gazing up from her sleep. Then she lunged at a woman who raced at her in the darkness of her kitchen, while she was trying to escape her own home. As Shelly slit the neck of the vampire woman, she wondered, "How could I have saved her? Surely, there must be a way to turn back the effect of the vampires without permanent death."

Shelly stopped caring about Greg.

When Shelly had killed the right number of innocent vampires from her list of intruders of her home, she decided that Greg was NOT worth her thoughts of "why won't he love me?" At that moment, Shelly knew there were bigger and worse things than unrequited love.

Namely, vampires were getting on her nerves.

Until the next battle, Shelly knew Greg wasn't worth her thoughts. He made his choice. The woman he chose to love was not her. If he wasn't happy with that decision, that wasn't Shelly's problem. Or so she thought.


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