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The Vampire Slayer XI The Dark Knight Re-emerges

Updated on January 29, 2016

Darkness embraces with loving affection.

When you're not soul mates or friends, there's always lovers.

Shelley was ready to quit all men once and for all. She was too tired slaying vampires and wondering what the point of life was. But then Raz reappeared in her life. He was her college crush, the man she fantasized about as a 20-year-old. She was a virgin. He was a 27-year-old hottie with women throwing themselves at him.

He made her laugh before she even saw him. When she turned to see who cracked a joke about her favorite movie, she thought, "meh, he's OK. Nothing special." But over the course of a few weeks, his jokes made her feel more at ease and every time he walked by, his touch of her hair or brush along her shoulder sent tingles throughout her spine. She was swept away by his charisma, his voice, his presence. She was putty in his hands.

Until he moved away from her and she had to reinvent her life without him.

That's when Shelley met her ex. He was the emotional replacement for Raz. Even though she fell madly in love with the father of her children, Raz was the one that got away and haunted her in her dreams.

After a few decades had transpired and she didn't hear from him, Shelley was happy to think he'd found his own happiness. Even though she had gone through divorce and was left with two strong-willed girls to raise on her own. Raz reappeared out of the blue on her social media site. His friend request made an unsettled churning in her gut. Was he the one that got away, or was he the one she dodged as a young woman avoiding players?

After divorcing her narcissistic ex-husband, Shelley knew that not many men could be worse.

Raz was all the charisma and chemistry-induced sweat that he was twenty-plus years before. His hair was still black and lacked any trace of gray, save a few wild strands that blew like wisdom from his ears. The moment Shelley gazed into his mysterious eyes reflecting the traces of green from hers, she felt the same dreamy meltiness that she did when she was twenty years younger.

He was still funny, charming, and touched her with the passion of the artist she felt at the age of twenty.

The moment they met after multiple decades, the chemistry was uncontrollable. Shelley succumbed to his charm and they had passionate lovemaking all night long. He was out of shape from his 27-year-old history, but he was everything that Shelley imagined she missed out on so many years before.

Should she tell him about her superhero skills? Nah, he'd just try to one-up her, she figured.

When Shelley realized that there was no future between them more than that as passionate lovers, she let him know that her purpose was higher than the two of them. He was crushed but not deterred from finding his own purpose: to convince her that she was the chosen one for him over twenty years before. She was determined to fulfill her destiny: to be the Vampire Slayer.

But Shelley had needs.

So when Raz called, she listened. She was strong, but human. She had needs. She wanted and needed to smell him. To feel him. To devour him. To feel him eat her to where she lost control. Life would go on, and Shelley knew that whether or not she was taken to paradise by her lover. She could save humanity once her needs were met.


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