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The Way I Love Her

Updated on June 21, 2015
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Oscar Buenaventura worked at the Department of Agrarian Reform, Republic of the Philippines for 23 years as Paralegal Officer.

Paths were crossed on that very day

A day of joy and happiness

For you and me it was for us

A beginning of no end love affair

How can love then turn against us?

Against all odds we really thought

Our love will never die

But out of the blues,

Winds of change engulfed your senses

Senseless I said to you

What about us?

Out of reach, I looked for you

Promised to myself, I will never stop

Till sunset comes

To find you again, time and again

This feelings will never die

How old and grey time may change you;

My heart will beat together with yours

Undying love, my love will always be

Painful as it is, but-

The cherry in you get

Sweeter through the years

Fifty eight years in my existence though,

Almost half of it spent with only memories

Happy together were the days in my mind

You and me,

So young you were then

Behold your beautiful face

And no one else around except-

The silence of the world behind the backdrop of my dreams

Only to wake up and see

For tomorrow comes, the day I find you

As sure as the sun rises in the east

Finding you, till the last drop of my tears...

Dedicated to someone I've loved and lost - O.M.B.

Sakura/Cherryblossom | Source


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